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I do Venues ~ Bently Reserve ~ Design

I do Venues ~ Bently Reserve ~ Design

Photography By: Andrew Weeks


When considering design, the Bently Reserve is like a treasure trove of endless possibilities. The Bently hosts the beauty of old-world architectural details, honed marble floors, stone columns that seem to reach all the way to the heavens, and the true sophistication that only years of history can provide. For a wedding day that will stay forever imprinted on your memory, the Bently Reserve provides the perfect classic timelessness for stylish brides and grooms.
Create a breathtaking focal point for your wedding ceremony by using panels of soft, billowing drapery to provide a sheer yet dramatic backdrop. The light entering through the arched entryway will frame the room's 20ft tall columns, giving it an ethereal burst of filtered light. The bride and groom will literally glow in photographs during the ceremony. This is a perfect venue in which to pair traditional elegance with a splash of modern style. Consider using a chameleon style chair in fanfare gold. This chair has classic lines, but the metal frame gives it a modern chic touch. A breathtaking entrance can be achieved by allowing the bride to descend from the balcony. As she appears to the crowd and her groom, she is flanked by two grand columns and backlighting. The scale of the room requires large, domineering props, so consider decorating with tall columns holding oversized floral arrangements or staging potted Japanese maples throughout the room. Other sculptured foliage will add warmth, height, and texture to the space. Frame your aisle using candles with water elements. The Bently's indoor space is ideal for a romantic candlelit ceremony. All the candlelight will wash the walls with flickering patterns, creating warmth and texture on the grand, oversized canvas.


While the staff transforms your ceremony space into an incredible reception locale, move your guests to the grand foyer, mezzanine, and adjacent conference room for appetizers and cocktails. The sleek marble and bronze backdrop creates a show-stopping location for a martini bar complete with an illuminated ice carving of your personal monogram. Bently is the perfect location to embrace the theme of "old world meets new," and its rich architectural heritage gives you an abundance of decorative details to work with. Lighting is the key to creating a chic yet soft look at the Bently. Translucent washes of color - with or without patterns - will beautifully transform the ceiling and walls, while uplights strategically placed at the columns' bases and in the balcony will help soften the room. Experiment with your tablescape - there is no need to stick with a standard round table! The Bently Reserve is the perfect place to dabble with shape and dimension, so try square tables for eight or two dramatic king banquet tables that span the length of the room. The room's height with its soaring ceilings demand tall, dramatic floral arrangements. Draw the eye up toward the amazing vintage light fixtures by using candle arrangements and towering florals on your tabletops. Rich, deep tones bring the Bently to life, as the dramatic marble floors, staircases, and columns tend to become washed out when paired with muted shades. If you desire a traditional feel with a modern edge, consider using black damask, blended with pops of turquoise and cranberry. Another traditional choice with a bold punch is raspberry or chartreuse, again paired with classic black and white damask. If you're looking for old-fashioned San Francisco elegance, charm your wedding guests with a color palette of copper and navy blue to accentuate the earth tones of the room's existing architecture, or inspire the spectacular features with bold shades of plum, silver, and white.

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The Bently Reserve truly embodies a feeling of opulence and elegance with great design elements everywhere. Transforming the large room to be fit for the wedding of your dreams can be extremely difficult, so consider hiring a wedding designer. This is a space that needs to be managed, and creating a structure with lighting, draperies, and furniture needs the expertise of a director from its set-up to breakdown. With the huge wow factor you have to look forward to, allow yourself to enjoy your own wedding! Hiring an event designer and manager is the best investment you can possibly make.