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I Do Venues: Vine Hill House Capturing Magical Moments

I Do Venues: Vine Hill House Capturing Magical Moments

I Do Venues: Vine Hill House Capturing Magical Moments

Photography by: Daniela Degrassi Photography

About the Venue

Vine Hill House has its share of great landscaping and breathtaking scenery, but when you combine it with the incredible talent of a photographer like Daniela Degrassi, your results are just magical. Daniela has worked her magic with this couple. The intimate nature of these whimsical photos makes it seem as if the bride and groom quietly escaped to have a bit of fun while no-one was watching.

Ask the Expert

When you are seventy years old and your grandchildren want to look at your wedding album, what do you want them to see? The goal should be to see a different side of you - the two of you when you were young and carefree. When it comes to photography, this is the perfect opportunity and place for you to display your personality and even a show of PDA.
Don't try to fit a mold of what you think wedding photography should be like. Talk to the photographer and get to know them. More importantly, let them get to know you so that they can help figure out ways to bring out your personalities. There are a ton of ways to have fun. Just think of the various backdrops and poses that your wedding venue offers, and if your selection is a bit more "plain Jane," don't hesitate to bring in your own props to create the moments you want. If you are nervous in front of the camera, props are a great way to relax and take the pressure off. If you love your shoes... show them off. If he loves his socks... show them off too. When taking your couple portraits, do what you normally do when you are together. Walk, smile, and laugh... or just talk. Your photographer will guide you to what works.

I Do Venues wants to recognize the talented team of wedding professionals who helped to make this bride's dream a reality: Photographer - Daniela Degrassi Photography, Florist - Rivertown Flowers.