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I Do Venues: Testaorossa Winery with Majesta Campbell

I Do Venues: Testaorossa Winery with Majesta Campbell

Photography by: Majesta Campbell Photography

About the venue

As you stroll among the buildings and ruins you can't help but feel how the property echo's that of a rambling centuries-old European estate. Over the past one hundred and twenty years, Testarossa Winery has witnessed a variety of incarnations. Originally built by Jesuit Fathers and Brothers to provide alter wine, the Novitiate Winery (as it was previously known) became well known for producing gold medal winning fortified Black Muscat dessert wine. Earthquakes, fires, and Prohibition have come and gone while Testarossa remains relatively untouched. As the oldest continuously operated winery in California, many feel the winery's "celestial" roots have helped the property survive the test of time. Testarossa is by far one of my favorite South Bay locations for weddings; the history and expansive architecture provide so many offerings for wedding design.

Ask the expert

The playful glint you see in this bride's expression says it all: BLISS. When you see it there is no mistaking it. It would be too obvious to give all the credit for these remarkable photographs to the effortless elegance of the bride. She is stunning in every way, but capturing that feeling is so much more than just taking a picture. A great wedding photographer needs to be able to shoot anywhere at any time. You never know when you' re going to capture that special smile, that playful touch - there is no telling what the day will have in store.

Majesta Campbell is amazing. As much as I love Testarosa as a wedding venue, I know for photography this myriad of settings, backgrounds, and lighting can be a challenge. Shadows created by the towering buildings, the setting sun over the Los Gatos hills, the glimmer and warm glow of candle lights and chandeliers in the wine cave; every setting provides a new question for the camera. It takes a great talent like Majesta to do it well and we thank her for sharing with us - Bravo!!