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I Do Venues: Tahoe Sierra Mountain Home Sneak Preview

I Do Venues: Tahoe Sierra Mountain Home Sneak Preview

Photography by: Mariea Rummel Photography

About the Venue

Your wedding day is like the first chapter in a great novel that is written by you and your betrothed. The wedding venue you choose sets the scene for you and your guests as you delve deep into this adventure. Will you be starring in a romantic comedy, western, or thriller? The choice is yours, but choose your backdrop carefully as so many of the details of the celebration will depend on it.
Many couples have been hiking, biking, or just strolling through the expansive terrain of Lake Tahoe. There are hundreds of acres of untouched wilderness and the beauty of the crystal clear lake and surrounding mountain communities are unparalleled. If your great adventure starts among the beauty of this incredible wilderness, then you must take a look at The Tahoe Sierra Mountain Home nestled in the wilderness of Lake Tahoe's Hope Valley area.
The log-cabin-style retreat was designed as a vacation home and therefore boasts all the modern amenities necessary to make your guests comfortable. Designed as a throw back to the western frontier, the exterior is built from cut logs and the interior has beams that are entire trees. As a matter of fact, many of the logs were cleared from the very property on which it resides.