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I Do Venues: St. Regis with Larissa Cleveland

I Do Venues: St. Regis with Larissa Cleveland

Photography by: Larissa Cleveland Photography

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These spectacular photos were brought to us by the very talented Larissa Cleveland. When you check out Larissa's website, you will find a real person - humble and sweet, creative and captivating. If you are planning your wedding, the best thing about Larissa is that she is someone who loves her job.
Some photographers shoot weddings and some are truly "wedding photographers." They love everything about that day. Their goal is to capture your passion and personality in each photo. In her own words:

My approach to photography is intuitive and emotional, influenced by photojournalism, fine art and fashion. My goal is to make images that bleed passion and color, seep humor and excitement, and expose the beautiful, whimsical, spontaneous moments of real life and love. ~ Larissa Cleveland

Check out Larissa's gorgeous work featured here at the St. Regis in downtown San Francisco. The detail and emotion she has captured is dazzling. Unlike a photo shoot, with wedding photography you only get one chance and with so many unique moments you have to be on top of your game. Capturing the bride's veil fluttering in the wind moving upwards towards the San Francisco skyline and the reflection of the bride and groom as they cross the stone path over the water are inspiring. I love the shot of the bride atop the baby grand piano. You can just imagine the bride donning a huge smile as she poses in true Marilyn Monroe fashion - you don't see it, but you know it's there. That is the art of capturing emotion, not just taking a picture.

I Do Venues wants to recognize the talented team of wedding professionals who helped to make this bride's dream a reality: Photographer - Larissa Cleveland Photography; Coordinators - Lisa Blake of Bellissima Vita and Barry Peterson of St. Regis; Floral - Huckleberry Karen Designs; Lighting - Creative Lighting Design.