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I Do Venues: Paradise Ridge Winery Photography

I Do Venues: Paradise Ridge Winery Photography


The charm and variety of scenic offerings at this venue are terrific. You must get a few shots of the bride and groom in the vineyards, but make sure you don't miss out on the architectural elements of the champagne cellar! A ceremony held on the patio has a great view of the vineyards and surrounding countryside. There is natural color all around: shades of green, gold, and amber dominate the landscape, making photographs taken here seem to have a warm glow to them. The facility is well lit, so go outside just after the sun sets to get beautiful shots that will include the bright twinkling of the string lights decorating the trees and building.

The Must Have Shot

The Big Tree: Just outside the main building, you'll find a huge ancient oak tree that pre-dates the winery and creates a charming vignette for the perfect couple shot. The tree is well lit and often decorated with fun paper lanterns and twinkle lights. This is a photo op you won't want to miss!

Ask the expert!

The views from the top of this hillside winery are amazing. The warm colors surrounding the building and the expansive vista from the patio and veranda create ideal wedding albums. ~Andrew Weeks, Weeks Photography This amazing wedding celebration was originally featured on I Do Venues with photography by  Weeks Photography If you'd like to see more of Andrew Week's work featured on our blog, or want more information about the Paradise Ridge Winery - Click Here!