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I Do Venues: Orella Ranch Something Burlap and Something Blue

I Do Venues: Orella Ranch Something Burlap and Something Blue

Photography by: Joielala

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This "seaside retreat meets a country barn dance" celebration is simply sublime. The bluffs overlooking the ocean white caps at Orella Ranch in Santa Barbara have an allure unlike any ceremony site you will find (and believe me we have looked). In a word STUNNING! The natural canvass is perfectly adorned with a set of simple white wood chairs. If you are looking to bring your ceremony decor up a notch, create a captivating look by using cushioned hay bails or rustic wood benches to create "pews" vs. the more traditional rows of chairs. This is the ideal local to consider parasols as a fun accent piece for your guests. Although a gentle breeze is common, your guest will be in direct sunlight for the majority of the ceremony and obstructing the view with umbrellas would be unthinkable.
One of my favorite things about wedding design is interpretation. It is like the "telephone game" we played as kids. You can give three brides the same idea and what evolves as the final design is completely unique for each. Recently we featured a wonderful celebration at Arista Winery. The design features the same basic elements of a soft country baby blue paired with crisp white linen and embellished with burlap accents, but each celebration looks completely different.
This couple's interpretation of a wedding arch is perfect for this incredible panoramic view. The scale and proportion of the view and location needs to be considered. You and your groom can easily get lost in such a large backdrop - draw your guests' attention to the ceremony by building a frame for them to focus on and you have their attention as you say your I Do's. The simple floral treatment makes the structure pop against the view while the ribbons capture the breeze and create movement. I love the color palette and design elements chosen by the couple and Sitting in a Tree Events. The details are lovely - the accent pieces stand out yet everything blends together seamlessly without being overly fussy. GORGEOUS!!!

I Do Venues wants to recognize the talented team of wedding professionals who helped to make this bride's dream a reality: Photographer - Joielala; Event Planner - Sitting in a Tree Events; Floral - Passion Flowers; Catering - Simply Marvelous BBQ.