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I Do Venues: Holly Farm Autumn In Bloom

I Do Venues: Holly Farm Autumn In Bloom

Photography by: Misti Layne Click here to see some more of this fun design!

About the venue

When you close your eyes and think about your dream wedding, what do you see? For all of you who answered a private ranch or hacienda-style estate, then you should consider checking out Holly Farm. A wonderful private ranch tucked amid the rolling hills of the Carmel Valley. The romance and allure of the Santa Lucia Mountains (home to Holly Farm) date back to the glamor day of Hollywood when movie stars, politicians, and the San Francisco elite flocked to these artisan woods for weekend getaways and romantic rendezvous.
The dramatic coastline allows for gentle breezes and evening fog. The warm midday sun, which creates the abundance of natural floral surroundings, is relieved just in time for your celebration. Almost seven acres of complete zen are at your disposal. The ranch is equipped with a variety of guest cottages and rooms allowing you to have up to 22 guests remain with you for the entire weekend - at no extra charge.

Ask the expert

Balancing the rustic feel and flavor of a barn or farmhouse wedding can be challenging. Brides who choose a more provincial setting for their celebration generally want to immerse themselves in the natural landscape of the great outdoors. Balancing the rustic colors, flavors, and setting can be challenging. Commonly, brides want to take this "naturalistic" theme and expand it to their flowers, color palette and accessories. Unfortunately, it is difficult to compete with mother nature.
Color is the great equalizer. Your canvass already has an abundance of muted colors, soft greens and warm earth tones often surround you. With this great backdrop I encourage brides to experiment with color - use brightly colored flowers and accessories to embellish the already fantastic backdrop that nature has provided.
My compliments to the celebration featured above, the choice of sharply colored flowers paired with warm autumn tones in burnt orange and melon bring all of the unique features of Holly Farm to life. When you first see your ceremony location you will be in awe. The slated staircase, the abundance of lush ferns, and almost-tropical vines bring an almost "Sherwood Forrest" feel to the setting. The natural wood trellis seems to be an extension of the trees that provide filtered light to the romantic setting.
Examine these photo's a little closer, it is the burst of color atop the trellis that makes you take notice of all that gorgeous detail. The juxtaposition of the bride's classic white dress against the natural muted colors of stone, heather, and green make it come to life. The ferns look greener, the slate has more detail - the cantaloupe shirt worn by the groom and the burnt orange tie all work together to make a wonderful and noticeable aesthetic.

I Do Venues wants to recognize the talented team of wedding professionals who helped to make this bride's dream a reality: Photographer - Misti Layne; Day of Coordinator - Erin Moses of Holly Farm; Florist - Pacific Grove Florists; Cake - Parker Lusseau; Catering - Grapes of Wrath; Beverages - Bottles 'n' Bins; Entertainment - DJ Goyo; Invitations - Paperwhirl.