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I Do Venues: Healdsburg Country Gardens with Elsa Vera

I Do Venues: Healdsburg Country Gardens with Elsa Vera

Photography by: Tia and Claire Studio

About the venue

It was just a few years ago when I saw my first wedding at the Healdsburg Country Gardens - it was gorgeous and made such an impression on me. This was a gorgeous private residence in the heart of the wine country, but as a private estate it was not obligated to require that a particular wine be served, or food and beverages be required. As a matter of fact, it was pretty wide open.
Over the past several years the popularity of the venue has definitely grown and I do tell everyone this is one that you need to book early. The open policy of allowing you to bring in all of your own vendors is still one of the strongest reasons that this venue continues to host some of the most memorable weddings in the valley each year.

Ask the expert

Country, couture, sweet darling - there are so many different ways to describe this wonderful design brought to us by Elsa Vera and Main Street Floragardens, but any way you slice it, the word is just 'perfect.' The playful design infused with warm hues of yellow, gold, and sunflower is the perfect affair to compliment the peaceful and quiet landscape of the Healdsburg Country Gardens.
As you examine this design, you will notice that each element is charming; however, standing alone may not make quite the statement that the overall design does. That is where a great design team comes in. It is their job and usually their great pleasure (as I don't know many wedding designers who do not love their job) to take hundreds of small details, some that are a part of the facility, some that are floral, some that are structural, and some that are personal and weave them into one glorious cohesive design.
Check out this gorgeous table design! The labyrinth of flowers, fabric, glass, and paper unfold slowly into a stunning display of varied hues of warm yellow and green. What I love about this design is that it really captures your eye. It is all about the layers, and as you explore each layer it makes you look closer so that you can really see what the design is all about - wonderfully done!

The bride and groom had an amazing wedding because they played up the venue's strengths. Although set in a garden, they carried it through with lush arrangements (Marcia at Mainstreet floral is fantastic!). This site also lends itself to be dressed up (I’ve had weddings that bring in lounge furniture, 10k in flowers) or dressed down (some brides have no centerpieces and just place wine on the tables to save on costs). The couple were also playful – the groom wore bright yellow socks! And they were both certain of wanting to enjoy themselves. They didn’t get caught up in photos and miss their wedding. The photos really reflect the day.

I love that at this venue you’re able to bring in any vendor you’d like. Also that you’re not limited to just wine like at a winery. This site has so much charm! At every turn, there is something very photogenic. The owners are constantly improving the venue – they don’t just maintain, they look around for things/ways that they can make it better. They have created one of the most amazing venues around ~ Elsa Vera.

I Do Venues wants to recognize the talented team of wedding professionals who helped to make this bride's dream a reality: Photographer - Tia and Claire Studio; Designer/Planner - Elsa Vera; Floral - Main Street Floragardens; Catering - Pacific Connections; Videography - Thomas Hughes Films; Cupcakes - Kara's Cupcakes.