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I Do Venues: Halloween Wedding Pumpkins & Parasols

I Do Venues: Halloween Wedding Pumpkins & Parasols

Photography by Geoff White

About the Venue

Fall, Pumpkins and Parasols...Oh my! This beautiful fall wedding is thrilling to look at! With the amazing detailed parasols, it's reminiscent of Paris in the 1940's. Fun design accents can do just that, transport you to another place and another time. This fun wedding took place at the wonderful woodsy Mountain Terrace in Redwood City. The big country-style lodge photographed above is a great location for a warm reception of dining and dancing. The wedding ceremony also took place at Mountain Terrace, with beautiful towering redwoods and views of the Bay below. However, the photos taken with the beautiful parasols, were taken at the stunning Garden Court Hotel in Palo Alto, where the bride and groom got ready and took photographs.

Ask the Expert

It's Costume Time! On Halloween a costume means one thing, but when it comes to your wedding, your beautiful "costumes" are defined a little differently. The styling of the bridal party sets the tone for your event – the attire and accessories are the building blocks for the rest of the design. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to express your individual style. The aisle is in place, the music is cued, the doors open and it is your time to shine. The dress is obviously key in this spectacular moment. Whether you have a designer gown or a vintage bargain, as long as the dress expresses your style and personality, your entrance will be remembered. What’s next is dressing your entourage. If you are the star of the show and your costume is the dress, the costume choice for the supporting characters is equally important. Remember, the supporting cast’s fanciful frocks will be the backdrop for many of your wedding photos.
How do you choose a dress that looks equally impressive on all of your attendants? The key to success is letting them pick the dress. Make picking out the bridesmaid’s dresses an event by setting up appointments, complete with champagne and strawberries. Find dresses that are a reflection of the style that you are trying to achieve, but also bring in the personalities of your bridesmaids. Instead of choosing a dress and trying to fit it to the body styles of the bridesmaids, pick out a color or range of colors and have your bridesmaids pick out their own dresses. This is the perfect way to let everyone look great, express their own style, and quite possibly have a dress they might consider wearing again.

I Do Venues wants to recognize the talented team of wedding professionals who helped to make this bride’s dream a reality: Photographer – Geoff White; Venues-  Mountain Terrace & Garden Court Hotel

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