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I Do Venues: Dogpatch Studios

I Do Venues: Dogpatch Studios

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I (Alicia) am a huge supporter of bringing elements of Feng Shui into events. It is something I have applied to my own home, so why not my events? The five elements of Feng Shui (fire, earth, wood, metal, and water) surround us every day. Balance is created by representing the five elements in simple ways.
Chris and Deniz were the perfect clients, allowing me to take the elements of Feng Shui to the next level. They love the Asian culture, having traveled extensively there and using Asian elements in their everyday life, including home décor and cooking.
To come up with a balanced wedding design, I took all five elements and incorporated them into the theme:
Fire – Candles (I know, too easy) and lighting Earth – Orchids, river rocks, moss Wood - Bamboo Water – Columns of floating candles and flowers in water Metal – Tin containers We used all of these elements together to create our Asian inspired event. The Dogpatch Studios was the perfect venue for their event, acting as a blank canvas with the 3rd floor as a backdrop for the ceremony. The light and airy space was filled with lights; the city's own lights as the background. We lined the aisle with petals and pebbles, while the chairs had hanging tins filled with orchids.
After the wedding ceremony, the guests made their way to cocktails where each table held water-filled vases with floating candles, flowers, and river rock. After cocktails, guests were escorted down a flight of stairs lined with columns filled with water and candles. Once they made their way to the reception area, they found a rock and bamboo garden with their escort cards. Long tables were used so all of the elements could be incorporated. Each table featured orchids attached to bamboo in metal containers and succulents running down the center, along with columns of floating candles, river rocks, and moss. It was stunning to view, yet so balanced.
The most important part of Feng Shui is balance. Balance is achieved regardless of theme (you don't have to have an Asian theme to practice balance). Consider your wedding theme from all angles to embrace balance. Address sights, sounds, tactile, scents, and tastes equally. For example, don't overpower your guests with an abundance of fragrant flowers but neglect appropriate lighting.
Enjoy and happy designing!