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I Do Venues Design Inspirations: Black on White

I Do Venues Design Inspirations: Black on White

Photography By: Geoff White


A modern-chic black tie affair is something many brides dream of; however, very few are able to make those dreams a reality. White is the most traditional wedding color, yet to decorate all in white while hanging onto the room's shape, dimension, and purpose is quite a challenge. There is a fine line between WOW! and just washed out when it comes to the white wedding, and making sure you achieve wow is certainly no easy feat.
Geoff White is an amazingly talented photographer and can make almost anything look great, but this show-stopping black and white wedding has style, elegance, and enough wow-factor to stand all alone without needing his magical photography skills. The key to eye-catching monochromatic design is to make sure you incorporate colors, textures, and patterns that will blur the edges. The gorgeous centerpieces pictured above are composed of a combination of hydrangea, calla lilies, and roses. The white hydrangeas naturally add in a twinge of green, and the roses lean more toward ecru than stark white, making the bright white of the calla lilies really stand out. The exquisite decorative treatment created in a simple tall rectangular vase is what really makes these arrangements one of a kind.
Crystal threads inside each vase give the entire arrangement a reflective sparkle, and a black ribbon with a rhinestone buckle finishes the look with a modern sophistication. The tablescape possesses three layers. A white linen draped all the way to the floor is a great base. Take note however that down the center of the table runs a soft dove gray table runner topped by a black and white beaded runner. Adding the middle layer is the key here, as this softens the contrast between the black runner and white linens, yet is so subtle that you hardly notice that it's there.
A similar illusion is used again in the ceremony design. The tall white branches that frame the aisle have been carefully woven with green vines, orchids, and white hydrangeas, making sure that the overall look doesn't appear washed out. A three-layered fabric treatment on the aisle's large pedestals is simply perfect, again starting with a white base, adding a black tie, and topping it off with a dove grey accent. Be careful though: if the tie is placed any lower, you may lose the impact of the branches and flowers reaching toward the ceiling. On the other hand, if the tie is placed any higher, it may compete with the overall design of the organic branches and their attached blooms.
The modern-chic aesthetic that has been achieved here by using only three very basic, simple colors is an incredible work of art. If you would like to see some more Design Inspirations on the I do Venues blog, click here.