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I Do Venues Design Inspiration: Western

I Do Venues Design Inspiration: Western

Photography By: Sedona Bride Photography


What is the difference between a country wedding and a western wedding? A whole lot of attitude! The one thing I can assure you about the western bride is that if she dons a pair of cowboy boots under her Vera Wang dress, you don't want to call her the little woman. A western themed wedding allows family and friends to celebrate your union in a comfortable and casual environment, with no need for pomp and circumstance. The bride may choose to make her grand entrance in a buckboard or carriage. Or if the bride is an equestrian, she might make her impressive debut on horseback.
Entertainment is key to the western wedding. A live band playing bluegrass or classic country tunes will set the mood for the festivities to come. A friendly game of horseshoes or washers will keep both kids and gentlemen entertained.
Our featured western wedding is documented by the tremendously talented Sedona Bride Photography. The home spun canopy is perfect - a sheer gauze fabric creates just the right amount of shade while allowing filtered light through. The clean lines of the structure tell you this is clearly a western wedding, a cliched and cutesy country.
The large distressed farm tables creates ambiance and doesn't require the extra expense of linen. A simple tablescape of loose cut flowers in carafes and Mason jars, interspersed with orchard fruit, makes for a great design.

Color Palette and Venue Recommendations

Western history is abundant in the Bay Area, so there are countless venues where this theme would transition well. The Log Cabin at The Presidio offers opportunities, indoors and out. It even features a fire pit! You may also consider a small western gala at Stern Grove. The historic building is reminiscent of a saloon, and the western bride will have a place to rest her boots.

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