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I Do Venues: CornerStone Gardens by Tinywater Photography

I Do Venues: CornerStone Gardens by Tinywater Photography

Photography by: Tinywater Photography

About the Venue

If you have not had the chance to pay this venue a visit, you are definitely missing out. The Gardens at CornerStone Sonoma is a one-of-a-kind experience. If you are an aspiring artist, landscaper, designer, or if you just love a taste of the avant garde, you'll love this place. This location combines quirky, artistic, rustic, and eco-friendly, all in a colorful burst of natural artistic expression. The gardens have been commissioned and created by the world's best and most renowned landscape architects and designers. It is the garden you dream of but can't have. So why not indulge your playful side on your wedding day and consider this rare experience as one to share with family and friends?

Ask the Expert

I can't think of a more fitting combination - CornerStone Gardens in Sonoma paired with Tinywater Photography, resulting in pure perfection. If you check out Tinywater's blog you will see that their tag line is Truth, Love, Beauty, I think that says it all. Their photography transcends from mere photographs to an artistic expression.
It's their belief that you shouldn't want your wedding to be a replication of a magazine or something you have seen before. It should be 100% YOU. "Showcase your personalities and have fun with it." This is their goal with every client: to go beyond the ordinary and find the extraordinary.
Tinywater has true panache. Their style captures the most intimate moments of love, joy, excitement, and bliss. CornerStone is such a playground for anyone who remembers being a kid. The huge blue chair just makes you smile. You feel dwarfed as you attempt to climb into it (and there is just no graceful way to do it, girls) and I have yet to see anyone not smile at a huge field of bright pink pinwheels. It is magical in a quirky kinda way and the pictures are so unique - not only because of the incredible canvas you have to work with, but because it's hard not to be 100% YOU when you are surrounded by such imagination and fun!