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I Do Venues: Charles Krug Winery with Lori Paladino

I Do Venues: Charles Krug Winery with Lori Paladino

Photography by: Lori Paladino Photography

About the venue

If you are smitten with the idea of a winery wedding, then these exquisite photo's compliments of Lori Paladino will curl your toes. Amid the boughs of heritage Oak trees, paper lanterns sway in the breeze and help to create a frame for the perfect ceremony. Or use the grove of soaring Redwood trees as the canvass for your I Do's - whichever space you choose, you will find that the grounds and carriage house at Charles Krug Winery is one of the most enchanting outdoor spaces in Napa.

Ask the expert

Lori Paladino's resume is incredible, but she prefers to let her pictures tell the story - featuring her work is always such a pleasure. Part of Lori's talent is the way she instantly makes her clients feel at ease - they know they are in good hands and Lori's clients are always willing to share a few intimate thoughts about their day.

The wedding planning process was certainly daunting at first. We really wanted it to be a classic, timeless affair and we kept that in mind as we were searching for all of our vendors starting with our wonderful wedding planner, Amy Thumhart! She had worked on my brother’s wedding so we decided to build on that relationship and invite her to make the magic happen for our wedding. From then on, we gathered a team of vendors who were absolutely amazing every step of the way. I could not thank them enough after the wedding day. We met personally with all of them, sometimes multiple times, before our wedding and by the end of it all, I almost felt like they were a part of our family, especially when all the catering staff and the venue coordinator snuck away from whatever they were doing to come see our first dance!

Probably the most personal to us, aside from having all of our amazing family and friends there to celebrate with us, was the band and dancing portion of the reception. One of our easiest decisions to make was on the band. It had to be none other than the band we met dancing to, and had continued to dance to for pretty much every Tuesday for years, Stompy Jones! Not only are they amazing musicians and entertainers but they are all around wonderful individuals and we’re so glad to call them friends now. Any other band or music at our wedding just would have felt wrong. It was perfect to have the same music and dancing that we fell in love to at our wedding reception.

I’m generally not known for my decisiveness and creativity and I certainly was not one of those women who had had a “vision” of what their wedding day should be since I was a little girl so, it was definitely all about having genuinely lovely and creative people by my side. In the end, we couldn’t have asked for a better day and, in the end, what we created topped any “vision” I would have had of what my wedding day could be!

I Do Venues wants to recognize the talented team of wedding professionals who helped to make this bride's dream a reality: Photographer - Lori Paladino Photography; Designer/Planner - Thumhart Event Consulting; Floral - Valley Flora; Cake - Perfect Endings; Catering - Elaine Bell; Rentals - Wine Country Party and Events; Lighting - Twilight Design; Entertainment - Eloquence Strings; Stompy Jones.