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I Do Venues: Arrowhead Pine Rose Cabins DIY Vintage

I Do Venues: Arrowhead Pine Rose Cabins DIY Vintage

Photography by Bethany Belle

About the Venue

Arrowhead Pine Rose Cabins is a magical place, I'm convinced there is no where like it! Just look at the beauty of this wedding. Bright sun rays dance around with joy and laughter in the air. From the intertwined branches, to the enchanted forested setting, this venue is a natural beauty for a peaceful wedding full of romance and bliss, and at the same time DIY and vintage! Situated on Lake Arrowhead in Southern California's Twin Peaks, Pine Rose Cabins is the only creek-side Mountain Resort along the lake. This year-round resort and venue offers accommodations and fun activities for your guests to enjoy. Pine Rose Cabins offers 20 different cabins, from romantic studios for two to large lodges perfect for your wedding guests. Each mountain cabin is uniquely decorated with a different theme!

Ask the Expert

The bride passed on her knowledge for the new brides-to-be. Here's her advice and tips for brides:

Listen to your photographer! They aren’t making things up when they suggest different things. They are professionals and you hired them for that reason. We got the images we wanted because we headed advice. Pictures are so important, they outlast the whole wedding. They are the only things you have left in 50 years. You won’t rememer the details unless you give your photographer time to capture them. Time is everything. 

Second, remember why you are here. Don’t cut your ceremony to ten minutes just because everyone wants to get to food. Two hours is cruel so don’t be extreme. But the wedding ceremony is why everyone is there. Take your time. Make it the focus and center of the day. You are marrying the one you love, revel in it. 

The special DIY projects included the garters. They were handmade by me out of my grandmother’s wedding dress lace (over 50 yrs old). She passed away six years ago and I wanted a way to include her. The garters were my something borrowed. I didn’t make them until a week before the wedding because there was so much going on, but it was something I just couldn’t let go of. I let go of a lot of projects that were just adding stress. My advice is you cannot start too early on DIY stuff. I started six months ahead of time and really that was too late. You never get as much done as you think you will. Life still goes on at work and school and everywhere else. You just don’t have as much time as you think you do. You have to choose what is important to you and the day, not just what might make a cool detail.

I Do Venues wants to recognize the talented team of wedding professionals who helped to make this bride's dream a reality: Photographer - Bethany Belle, Videographer - Windy Weather Films