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I do Venue ~ Jacuzzi Family Vineyard ~ A "Bliss" Celebration

I do Venue ~ Jacuzzi Family Vineyard ~ A 'Bliss' Celebration

Photography by: Junshien International Photographers


When you take a tour of the Jacuzzi Family Vineyard, you are immediately impressed by the style and architecture. It feels as if you are touring a winery in the heart of Tuscany. You can immediately picture an intimate ceremony taking place in the breathtaking stone courtyard or your guests enjoying a dance under the stars after dinner.
As your guests move into the barrel room, the vast open beamed ceiling will immediately grab their attention.
In a large space, we recommend incorporating various types of arrangements. You'll notice in this design there are several distinctive table scapes. By incorporating different table scapes - with similar but separate elements - you will open up the room. In a large room, too much of one item can be visually overwhelming.

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"I adore the colors the couple chose and they pulled them off brilliantly! The bride selected soft shades of yellows, whites, and creams. They worked wonderfully with the overall design and looked amazing against the backdrop of this stunning venue. One of my favorite elements, aside from the beautiful couple, were the bridesmaids' dresses. The ladies truly rocked their frocks and the color looked divine on each and every one of them." Brandy Cabral from Bliss Event Productions