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How to Virtually Plan a Wedding from Home


How to Virtually Plan a Wedding from HomePhoto:

Celebrity wedding planners, Mindy Weiss and Debbie Geller team up to launch MAD About Weddings, a virtual video series to help couples plan from home. This dynamic duo lifts the veil on how the pros plan the world's biggest events!

You know their events and their clients, but do you know how celebrity wedding planners, Mindy Weiss and Debbie Geller plan some of the biggest celebrations in the world?! These two seasoned veterans have teamed up together to give engaged couples a rare glimpse into how each of their companies executes events. MAD About Weddings is coming to computer screens everywhere on December 4th and if you’re among the lucky first 250 users who purchase this 12-video series program during the pre-sale (starting Black Friday, November 27th) then you’ll get access to four 1-hour live virtual group Q&A sessions with Mindy and Debbie too! 


How to Virtually Plan a Wedding from Home

Through the launch of MAD, Mindy and Debbie are able to share their expertise with engaged couples everywhere! Mindy loves that she can share her experience to help those who would like to plan their own wedding. And Debbie wants you to remind you of the expression; the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. MAD About Weddings is that ‘straight line’ that will keep couples on course for a seamless experience from the beginning planning stages to their big day. But what about what’s going on today? How has the pandemic changed how you are planning your wedding? Mindy and Debbie share a bit more about MAD and what’s going on in the world of weddings today. 

How has the pandemic changed
the way couples plan weddings?

The pandemic has had some really positive changes to the way couples plan weddings. They have taken it back to basics and are focusing more on how wonderful it is that they have found the person that they would quarantine with forever, who is really important to have attend, and they tend to focus more on the marriage than on the celebration.

In short, pandemic wedding planning has brought back all the heart: couples are focusing more on the why than the what.

What do you expect
to see in 2021 weddings? 

How to Virtually Plan a Wedding from HomePhoto:

People have waited, new couples are getting engaged, 2021 and 2022 will be the years of the weddings! Expect lots of them, and expect them to be filled with pure joy. 

In the early part of 2021, weddings will still be small, which can be amazing. We’ve had such positive feedback from couples who were initially disappointed with having a micro-wedding, who realized how amazing it is to truly have just the people closest to you to share in your day.

Weddings in 2021 and 2022 will be off the charts. People have so much time to plan, that every detail will be thought through!

Why did you
decide to launch MAD? 

MAD has been in the back of our minds for a long time – we love weddings, and wish we could work with everyone, but that’s just not possible. MAD About Weddings gives us a chance to finally share with everyone the big and little things we’ve learned after wedding planning for 30 plus years. Covid gave us the time to finally focus on this!

We get calls every day from couples who are overwhelmed and don’t even know where to start. They need things to be broken down in a way that is easy to watch, absorb, and get planning! 

There’s almost too much information out there, some of it’s great, some isn’t. We decided to pull it all together to help couples to save time and reduce frustration – so they can focus on the fun that planning can and should be.

What surprising information or ideas can
couples expect to learn from your educational series? 

How to Virtually Plan a Wedding from HomePhoto:

Couples who take the courses from MAD About Weddings will be surprised to learn how easy it can be to plan a wedding once you have experts guiding you through each step.

We are happily sharing our little tips and tricks to make getting down the aisle effortlessly; couples will truly have a planning partner.

What’s one of your best pieces of advice for
couples starting to navigate the planning process now? 

If you’re starting to plan a wedding now, stop, enjoy being engaged, and breathe. No matter what your day ends up being, at the end of it, you’ll be married to the person you love. 

Planning a wedding during Covid requires keeping an open mind and being flexible to twists and turns that may arise. Know that none of that will take away from the ultimate joy of your wedding day.

To learn more, check out MAD About Weddings, sign up for updates, order your series, and engage with Mindy and Debbie on social at @madaboutweddings.

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