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How To Style A David's Bridal Dress For a Boho Vibe

David's Bridal Wedding Dress

Chantelle Paige from Bridge to Bohemia is back and she's sharing how to make an inexpensive wedding dress boho fun. Read on to find out some simple and inexpensive ways to create a boho look without breaking the bank.

When you’re a bride on a budget it’s all about being inventive in how you “jazz” up your look, in my opinion. If you wear sneakers daily, find a fun pair of sneakers (like these amazing Emonk Ibiza shoes) to add some flare - scroll down to see. Let’s be honest, no one sees your shoes anyways so you might as well be comfortable!!!

Styling a David's Bridal Wedding Dress

This David’s Bridal dress is only $180. SAY WHAT!?!?!?! It has a great fit, hitting the smallest part of the waist just right, plus it’s the perfect strapless structure which accentuates without showing too much. The gorgeous blush lining with lace overlay makes a great understated combo, The blush says it’s more casual while the lace still adds the dressiness necessary for your big day. Then if you want to get even more casual with it, you add a denim jacket like this one from Alpha and Omega. I’m going to be honest, I wear this jacket to death so you should probably get it anyways….I’m usually a Small but did a medium to make it more oversized ;)

Styling a David's Bridal Wedding Dress

Now, for your head. Whether you add a tiara, a Lack of Color hat, or a headband, just make it your own. I, personally, LOVE the juxtaposition of a tiara with sneakers. It made me smile. The casual princess vibe, as I like to call it, is a fun way to still feel special on your big day while making your feet very happy. Now for the Lack of Color hat, hats are all the boho rage!!! The bigger the brim the better, am I right!?!? I loved adding the ivory hat to the blush dress, it just felt so casual bride to be. If anything, it’s a fun accessory to throw on for a photo, or the after party! I mean, once you’ve danced the night away your hair might not be the gorgeous flowy perfection it was during ceremony ;) Last, but not least, we have the understated headband. It’s a great replacement for a braid or twist, and if you’re a bride on a budget then hiring a hairdresser may not be top on the list. So, this headband (or this even less expensive one) will add the tszuj you need without breaking the bank.

Styling a David's Bridal Wedding DressStyling a David's Bridal Wedding Dress

Regardless of how you accessorize your dress, the point is, make it your own! This is YOUR day, find the fun playful aspects of you and accentuate them! If you love wearing sneakers, wear some! If you want to rock a denim jacket, do it! If hats are your thing, wear em! Be YOU, because that person you’re saying “I do” to fell in love with all of those aspects of you. Don’t let the supposed to’s get in the way. Do you, cause you’re amazing. 

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Styling a David's Bridal Wedding Dress

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