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How To Stay Healthy While Wedding Planning With Green Chef


stay fit and healthy while planning your wedding

Planning a wedding is no joke! It takes a ton of time to orchestrate such a big event. Unfortunately, while wedding planning, a lot of things get thrown to the side. Like - laundry, grocery store shopping and basically just spending quality time with your fiancée.

Well ... we can't help with your laundry situation! However, we did partner with Green Chef  to solve your recent absence from the grocery store. Green Chef is an innovative meal delivery service that sends you everything you need to create incredible meals at home.  No meal planning. No grocery store shopping. No guesswork. No problems! Allowing you to stay healthy and spend more time with your honey while you're knee deep in wedding planning. 

Wondering how it works and if Green Chef actually tastes good? Of course we're going to share all the details with you. We had Green Chef send us meals, so we could experience their service for ourselves! Read on to learn about our experience and see how you can save $50 on Green Chef

Green Chef organic meal delivery service

how green chef works

1. You are able to choose from a wide variety of meal plans, with options to feed two people or a family of four. Simply pick your delivery day and plan (options include vegetarian, paleo, vegan, gluten-free, and many more). You’ll get convenient weekly deliveries right to your door. Everything came in an eco friendly package. Click here to see how to recycle all of the packing they send you.

2. Their fresh organic ingredients come pre-measured and prepped. All you have to do is follow easy step-by-step instructions with photos. It will take about 30 minutes to cook your meal, and the instructions are very easy to follow. 

3. We were amazed at how tasty and restaurant like the meals were. We felt so fancy cooking such a high end meal.

4. We love that new recipes come out very week! We are always so excited to see what unexpected culinary experience we are going to have that night. Trust us, it is such a great way  to connect, put our phones down and just focus on each other and cooking.

vegeterian meal delivery service

everything looks and smells fresh

We opened our box and it was packaged perfectly. The meat was cold and the the produce was beautiful. As if our own personal assistant went to the store and picked out the most perfect veggies just for us.

One of our favorite elements were all the spices, dressings, and marinades. They enhanced each of the dishes, and we felt so fancy using all of them. We even joked that we felt like professional chefs making these top notch meals.

fancy sauces come in all the Green Chef meals to enchance the meals fresh produce from orgnaic meal delivery service Green Chef

ways to connect with your Love while wedding planning

cooking with Green Chef is a great way to connect with your LOVE all organic vegetables from Green Chef

such a great way to spend stress free time together

As we said it is such a great way to connect, and be together. In fact, 87% of surveyed couples think cooking is a top way to strengthen their relationship. What better way to kick off a happy marriage than by being the couple that cooks together? (Cooking Green Chef is easy enough for the hubs to do it on his own too!)
 So ... how awesome would it be to come home to a special meal that he made for you.

Cooking with Green Chef means no grocery shopping, no meal planning, and no guess work. So you get no-stress dinners ready in about 30 minutes.

Green Chef meal delivery service is fun and easy

spend time together by using a meal delivery service Harissa-Roasted Mushrooms from Green Chef

get your time back

You don’t just get quick, delicious meals, you get your time back. Think of everything you could do with the time you saved: meet with a florist, perfect your seating chart, plan your honeymoon, just relax and watch Netflix, whatever!

create a romantic dinner for two very easily

how to create a romantic dinner for two pretty blue bowl

spend quality time together with Green Chef

how to create a romantic dinner for two with Green Chef thympe and lemon spritzer

Harissa-Roasted Mushrooms meal from Green Chef

Ashley and Justin made Harissa-Roasted Mushrooms -North African spices star in this nourishing bowl. Bell peppers and mushrooms — cremini and portobello — are seasoned with harissa and fresh thyme. Roasted to a tender finish, they’re served over a quinoa salad strewn with parsnips, tomatoes, and baby spinach. A tahini-based tarator sauce (with garlic and lemon juice) adds delicate, nutty notes on top.

It was delicious, the right portion. There was little clean up and they had a healthy meal that they made together.

enhance your love by having dinner together

If you're in the midst of wedding planning, and have been going through the drive through more than you'd like. You definitely need to try Green Chef! Not only will you save time, but you will feel healthier. Click here to get started and save $50 of your first order.

This post was sponsored by Green Chef to share with you how you can save time, feel healthy and spend time with your love. Below are a few of the delicious yet ever so healthy means that Green Chef has to offer.

Green Chef yummy and healthy meals to eat while you are wedding planning

healthy and tasty meals to eat while wedding planning

this is how to eat while wedding planning

Green chef meal ideas that are healthy and delicious

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