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How To Set Up A Bubbly Bar With Elleffe Design


Elleffe shows us how to create a Bubbly Bar

Things we love: Champagne, sweet treats, and anything dazzling. Incorporate all these together and you have a Glamorous Champagne table ideal for bridal showers, weddings or just because. 

We teamed up with Elleffe Design, creators of modern Italian stainless steel luxury giftware for home decor and serving, to show you how to set up a glamorous bubbly bar. Not going to lie, we ate and drank everything you see here after and it was simply delicious. Now scroll down to read tips and tricks on how to set up the most Glamorous Bubbly Bar ever.

How to set up a Champagne bar

Before you even buy all the tasty treats and bubbly, you are going to need serving trays, bar-ware and of course Champagne glasses.

Below is a shopping list of what you're going to need for a bubbly bar. We went with a dark theme, but a bright floral table cloth or natural wood table would also look fabulous.

We suggest adding all these must-have home items to your universal wedding registry and trust us, you'll use everything here each time you entertain.

1. Elleffe Design Alzate Small Cake Stand
2. Elleffe Design Modern Ypsilon Large Rectangular Serving Tray
3. Mismatched Champagne glasses (Coupe glasses and flutes)
4. Modern World Large Oval Tray From Elleffe Design
5. Juice Carafe
6. Small Bowls
7. Modern Alzate 3 Tier Crinkle Stand 

Did we mention that you can get everything above for 20% off?! That's right, Elleffe Design is offering the Wedding Chicks readers 20% off any purchase with code WC20 through November 30th, 2017.

vintage Champagne glasses on a tray

tray with Champagne flutes on itChampagne flutes

If you have room in your freezer, place all your Champagne glasses in the freezer on a tray and remove it right before your guests arrive.

shopping list

how to set up a Champange bar

1. Stock up on the mixers. We went with Orange Juice, Strawberry Basil and Mango Juice.
2. Cut up the fruit. We went with fresh strawberries, pineapples and blueberries.
3. We ordered a plain white cake from our local bakery and decorated it with pretty florals.
4. Set out your favorite fancy cookies.
5. We ordered store bought mini white cupcakes and bedazzled them with raspberries.
6. Select another of the guest of honors favorite sweet treat like these gourmet cookies from Bonton.
7. Of course you are going to need lots of Champagne.

Carafes on a tray

We suggest putting your carafes on a tray. This way if a little spills down the side, you can easily clean the tray up as opposed to it getting all over the table cloth.

serving tray of sweets

Honestly, you need to have a tiered tray on your wedding registry. Each time you host an event it will be brought out. Think fruit and cheese, vegetables and meats, chocolates and berries and of course cookies and cupcakes.

white wedding cake bedazzled with florals

Doesn't our cake look amazing on our Elleffe Design Cake Stand? As we mentioned before, we bought a plain white cake from our local baker and jazzed up with flowers.  Make sure to remove florals before serving.

pop the bubbly and pour the Champagne

If you would like to add a little sparkle to your Champagne bottles like we did, you can learn how here. Don't forget to make your own personalized custom Instagram sign here (as seen below).

free printable Instagram sign

We partnered with Elleffe Design to WOW all of your friends at your next event with your super fancy Bubbly Bar.

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