How To Plan a Perfect Surprise Proposal


How To Plan a Perfect Surprise Proposal

We must admit, we’re a tad bit obsessed with all the #surpiseproposal's on insta recently. If you haven’t caught yourself perusing through all the photos + films out there then we implore you to have a look because each and every one is adorable and unique in its own way. Going from Ms./Mr. to #engaged is a huge life changing moment that you'll want to share with all your family, friends, and any future kiddos you may have (furry or human). Not to mention, if you’re going to make it 'gram official then you’ll need to document this moment to share with the world. Throughout all our “research”, one thing we’ve learned is that pulling off that perfect proposal takes three key elements: Thoughtful preparation, a fantastic photographer, and a bottle of bubbly Blanc de Bleu to celebrate.

While looking though these photos it’s hard not to feel all the love between this adorable couple, whose carefully planned photo shoot turned into the sweetest surprise proposal and we can’t stop SWOONING over all the romance captured by Radion Photography - including a romantic toast with an epic bubbly explosion! Blanc de Bleu may be a delicate, refreshing drink but it can really fly when shaken vigorously, so make sure it’s not pointed at anyone before you pop that bottle. 🍾

How To Plan a Perfect Surprise Proposal

How To Plan a Perfect Surprise Proposal

We have a few tips on how to pull off your own #surpriseproposal

Make a plan with your photographer.

The first step to planning the perfect proposal starts with finding your photographer or videographer. Together, you both can coordinate a plan to make said surprise happen in the most organic way. Also, the last thing you want is to be taken by surprise at your own surprise proposal. Your photographer will more than likely have some tips on how to pull it all together without the S/O finding out, so consider them like your partner in crime. A well planned out proposal can make the difference between mediocre and magical.

location, location, location.

Picking the best location isn't rocket science but it all depends on your overall vision. Do you want to propose in a public space or private? In the city or somewhere off the beaten path? If you're in need of some location inspiration, feel free to ask your photographer if they have any suggestions. Then scout them out ahead of time so you can get an idea of what to expect.

Two things to note: First, if you're really aiming for the element of surprise, try to avoid any locations that have significant meaning for the both of you (like your first date, kiss, etc) as that may send up a red flag to your partner that something big is about to go down. Second, plan on either hiding your bottle of bubbly (aka Blanc de Bleu) ahead of time at said location, or have your photographer stash it away for that celebratory toast right after she/he says "YASSSSSSS"!

How To Plan a Perfect Surprise Proposal

How To Plan a Perfect Surprise Proposal How To Plan a Perfect Surprise Proposal

Bring on the bubbly.

Trust us, nothing says “hooray! we’re getting married!” like poppin’ a bottle to celebrate this life changing moment, and that photo alone will get you some major love on the 'gram. Blanc de Bleu has a refreshing hint of blueberry in the prettiest shade of blue, making it a memorable choice for your first toast together as an engaged couple. And speaking of, how pretty does that glass of Bleu look against her black lace dress? 😍

Sparking Wine For Your Engagement CelebrationSparking Wine For Your Engagement CelebrationRADION-81

once you're official, muster up that liquid courage and shout it from the rooftop, Monica style.


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