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How to Make Your Wedding Transportation Easy and Stress-Free


How to Make Your Wedding Transportation Easy and Stress-Free

Okay, let’s be real for a minute. Who of you out there has a wedding in 3 or less months, and has already solidified the transportation part of it? We’re willing to bet that you haven’t… And that’s totally okay. I think for my own wedding four years ago, we sat down with a limo service four months out, and still had issues with it on our day. It’s rarely at the top of any couple’s to-do list - unless they’re interested in booking some vintage cars or next-level, unique transpo types (like tandem bicycles, trolleys, rowboats, etc.) - but as soon as the wedding starts creeping up, not having a game plan for ‘getting there’ can become a huge stressor. We’re not about that life, so we thought we’d catch everyone up on an app and website that is helping soon-to-be-married brides and grooms figure out their wedding day transportation situation with zero stress. When you’re running on fumes, at the end of your wedding planning journey, Skedaddle is who you want to have on your side for that ride…

Just a bit about these guys

Skedaddle curates experiences that help you explore the world around you. Essentially, they get people where they want to go in cool vehicles, and let them ride and vibe with others who are heading the same way. Kind of genius, right?

How to Make Your Wedding Transportation Easy and Stress-Free

Why the wedding world is hitching a ride

The venue, the dress, the photographer, the entertainment, flowers, invites, favors, nearly everything on the we’re-taking-the-plunge priority list comes before wedding transportation; but if you can’t get to the chapel on time, comfortably, and stress-free, does it even matter?

My hubby wanted to be useful in the wedding planning process, he wanted to be involved, and in control of something that was strictly his jurisdiction - not mine. So, handling our haulage seemed pretty doable. And he did a good job, setting up appointments with a few reputable charter companies, sussing out pricing details, but when it came down to our actual wedding day, our stretch Hummer was late, and could barely fit our 15+ person bridal party. They also had no celebratory bubbly to toast our newly-minted marriage… but that’s a story for another day.

Skedaddle is serving a MAJOR purpose in the Boston and NYC metro areas by offering instant prices on its website. Brides only have to fill in the basic information for their special day – date, time, pickup location (and we say brides, because they’re really the ones who have their feet on the gas when it comes to all the wedding prep, amirite?), and within minutes they’ll know what everything will cost, without having to reach out to a plethora of bus operators. 

How to Make Your Wedding Transportation Easy and Stress-Free

How to do it

Super easily. Visit the website or download the app to start booking the private, custom bus trip(s) for you and your ‘I Do’ crew. Hit the ‘book charter bus’ button and proceed with the simple instructions after that. Share the details of your trip, peruse and choose from the top bus options that Skedaddle sources (all award-winning, best-in-class), wait for the quick, affordable price and enter card details, review the itinerary, book the trip, and start getting psyched. Because en route to tie-the-knot, you and your girls, he and his guys, will all be traveling in style.

Skedaddle offers a wide range of options for vehicle size and type. From sleek executive vans, to festive party buses, to top quality full size coaches. The brand works with the best operators to provide the safest and most comfortable ride without the hassle of a traditional charter experience. And the price you see is all-inclusive. 🙌🙌🙌

How to Make Your Wedding Transportation Easy and Stress-Free

And it’s not only wedding day and done

Actually, Skedaddle makes bachelor and bachelorette party transpo just as easy peasy as the wedding day itself. Taking the guys on a mud run or a epic camping trip? Festival or concert-cruising with the girls? You can bring the party to you and you to the party, get wild, have s***tons of fun, get home and not have to drive AT ALL. Uber isn’t the only ticket in town…

Getting things prepped to wed is painful enough. Ensure your wedding-planning wheels won’t fall off, by letting Skedaddle scratch transportation off the to-do list. Book a bus and let Skedaddle take the wheel from there! Oh, and if you’re not engaged or dating anyone RN, check out Skedaddle's curated experiences, where you can meet other adventurers heading to the same place… You never know who you might meet on your trip. Imagine telling everyone at your wedding that you met each other on a shared bus ride to X, Y, or Z? We kinda love it.

How to Make Your Wedding Transportation Easy and Stress-Free


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We partnered with Skedaddle to give brides and grooms a great new way to get to their big day. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!