Groom and Groomsmen

How to Make Your Groomsmen Feel Badass

Yes, I’m not a guy, but I’m married to one. I kid you not, he has THREE flasks with his initials on them from weddings he’s been in. Ugh, it’s a super nice gesture, and yes, my honey appreciates a good secret swig of whiskey as much as anyone, but can we just cool it on flasks for a while? Let’s all say it together, #basicbro. Trueeee there are far more gift ideas out there for the girls, we’ll be completely honest, but that still doesn’t give grooms an excuse to phone it in with their presents. And fashion & grooming gifts aren't female-only, just ask Paul Evans... This brand has ALLLLL the GQ-esque gifts for the guys, and they come in pairs... but more on that later!

Anyhow, your lineup is just as psyched to stand by you on the big day as her bride tribe, so it’s really important that you show them you appreciate their being there just as much. And also, who needs another flask? You’ll be drinking for most of the day anyway, so why not step up the experience by having a sick whiskey bar in your groom’s suite or organizing a scotch tasting after everyone’s gotten ready. You can sip some expensive scotches, but do it with small flights so you’re all not getting too wasted before the wedding starts!

We put together a few gift ideas and experiences to share with your groom. He might already be thinking about what to gift his guys, so this’ll just give him an extra push in the right direction. If he wants any of the below for himself, you could always work one or two into your wedding gift… he’ll love you forever 😉

Paul Evans Sponsored Marrone Wholecut

Group Shave

Haircuts are really personal, and guys can have issues having someone who isn’t their ride or die with scissors scape their fades… but what about having a barber come on-site for some gentleman grooming for the morning? In our opinion, this is a classy AF move. You’ll all look handsome as hell and be able to have a relaxing time with your favorite people.

Cool Cufflinks

Yes, wherever your groom and his men get their tuxes/suits, they’ll also get the necessary outfitting jewelry, like cufflinks. But we like the idea of going more bespoke with it (grooms can get down with bespoke too). Maybe your groom and his group had a pretty epic-adventure-y bachelor party that included rock climbing in Yosemite. How badass would it be to gift them cufflinks featuring polished stones from the mountain you scaled together? Sappy-sentimental, yes, but edgy too. Or if you all have a favorite sports team (Patriots, Eagles, etc.) or were/still are really into your college team days, you could get novelty cufflinks.

Serious Socks

Every guy has probably seen those wedding pics of a groom and his boys showing off their shoes and colorful socks. Yes, it can be lame, but what better time to get a little extra than when you’re getting ready. She’s got her robe-wearing, mimosa-drinking, cheersing snaps, you can have yours too. And the dudes will definitely appreciate a new lucky pair of fan socks, something they can all wear on Sunday funday next season…

Sexy Shoes

Never thought of giving your friend or fam a pair of dope shoes? Well, your wedding day might just be that time to flip the switch and give them some they can wear that day and for many other occasions to follow. Step up your squad’s shoe game with Paul Evans, a brand of direct-to-consumer luxury men’s footwear - made in Italy and designed in NYC. Everything is made from the finest Italian calfskin leather, painted by hand, and blake stitched for exceptional comfort, sleek design and the ability to resole. We’re obsessed with just how sexy they are.

We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite pairs of Paul Evans - so 👉👉👉 on. And if you’re feeling the vibe, they passed along a special WEDDINGCHICKS50 promo code to help you out when you shop now. Bulk discounts are also available for large groomsmen parties, so don’t be shy about messaging for details!

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