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How to Make Sure You Don’t Get Too Drunk On Your Wedding Day

How to Make Sure You Don’t Get Too Drunk On Your Wedding Day Drink something else:

Yes, your wedding day is the biggest day ever; it’s a huge celebration and it should be feted as such. But there is certainly no reason to get plastered to the point of not remembering all the special parts of the day. You won’t feel really great about it, and neither will your new spouse if they took it easy while you were reliving your college days.

We just had to get into this, because it’s a scenario that’s hardly out of the norm. Even Lauren Conrad admitted on her podcast a few weeks ago that she pseudo regretted drinking as much as she did on her wedding day. It’s a pretty legit and common regret and something that a recent bride can’t really get over as she thinks back on her wedding day.

According to Yahoo, a new bride took to the internet 6 weeks-post wedding in an attempt to rid herself of the resentful feels she had towards her new husband. Newlywed bliss was something she def hadn’t yet felt since her mister got blitzed and effectively “ruined their wedding day.” Of course, you kind of have sympathy for him, because who hasn’t gone a little too crazy every once in a while? But on your wedding day, one of the most epic and enduringly memorable days of your life, you should probably be super conscious of that line and how you can avoid crossing it.

At the risk of sounding like major buzzkills, we want to caveat the following by saying that we’re ALL for getting tipsy on the day you tie the knot. There’s honestly no better excuse for popping bottles. But, if you indulge to excess, to the extent that you’re embarrassing yourself or making your partner or guests uncomfortable (over and above how you’ll obvi be chipping away at your recall of the day), it’s really not a good look.

So, sip away, but be careful. If you need a little help, here’s our how-to on how to avoid getting wasted on your wedding day.

Rehearse at your rehearsal dinner.

Yep, in addition to practicing how you’ll process into your ceremony, you’ll also want to use your rehearsal dinner as your wedding day trial-run. In other words, if you can drink responsibly the night before your wedding, you can probably do it the next day, too! Sure, you can have a few glasses of wine or a beer or two, but don’t go too hard. We know, it’s the first event of your wedding weekend, and you’ll want to be festive, but as the bride, you more closely resemble the 😇 than the 😈, so heed the hints of the former.

Breakfast more than brunch in the AM.

We always vote YAAAS for brunch, but on the morning of your wedding, breakfasting hard is better than brunching so hard. Why? Well, with breakfast our first thoughts are the food and with brunch, our minds go straight to the ‘bottomless’ reference. Mimosas, bloodies, bellinis? They get bids before the avocado toast does, that’s just the truth. So, instead of doing brunch in the bridal suite, make sure you let your besties know that you’ll be having breakfast bright and early. ((Helps to get the day moving, too, when you’re scheduling things early)). Protein, carbs, delicious fats, all good stuff. Need some ideas on breakfasts for champion brides… Have a read here.

Oh! And to go along with this… talk to your partner about keeping things on par in their own getting-ready room. Scotch and Slim Jims doesn't cut it, so if you’re worried about your groom getting lit and groggy even before the ceremony, then maybe consider surprising him and the guys with an elevated kind of continental breakfast. Omelette bar or it didn’t happen…

Stick with signature sips that aren’t too strong.

Sipping on one kind of drink all day long rather than mixing spirits is always the better call. That’s why we think it’s smart to have signature cocktails that are lighter rather than heavier. Try a spruced-up kind of wine spritzer or something that’s clearer in color. Because I kid you not, 9 times out of 10 on your wedding day, you’ll start a drink and inevitably put it down to get ready for pictures or get back to thanking all of your guests for joining you today. If you’ll already be drinking something that won’t knock you on your ass, you’ll be in an even better position. Haven’t thought about your cocktails yet? Then get some inspo here.

Cocktail hour hard with your crew. 

It might sound counterintuitive to suggest going to cocktail hour, if you want to keep yourself away from the alcohol, but honestly, if you can get yourself into the party atmosphere early on, you’ll be less likely to go crazy during the reception. Make sure your photographer is aware of this, too, so that he or she can get you in on the action without having to steal you for all the portraits. And while you’re there, EAT. Pleaseeee eat. You’ve probably been in that awful ‘shedding for the wedding’ mindset for months, so instead of chomping on crackers and veggies, fill up at your action stations, chow down on some charcuterie. All of these mouthwatering munchies will do a great job of soaking up what the open bar is throwing down.

Skip the shots.

I know, typing that sent shivers down my spine, but, bear with me. When my husband and I were getting married, our venue had a strict ‘no shots’ policy for their wedding bar service. We didn’t love the idea of it, at first, but then we understood why it was 👌. Once shots start getting poured, inhibitions go out the window, and whatever game plan you had from jump gets hazy. Literally and figuratively. Plus, shots are total squad goals, so if you see your friends turning up with tequila, you’ll probably want to take one down yourself. One turns into two, two turns into three, and once you’ve gotten those fuzzy feels (and a favorite song of yours from college comes on), you head down a nostalgic spiral. Ending with bad decisions. Soooo remove that temptation altogether. 

Make a pact.

If you and your spouse are exchanging vows, you might as well make a pre-ceremony promise to ‘be good’ and honor your wedding day entirely. If you’ve written your own vows, why not even weave a “I vow to be safe, responsible, and silly, but not sloppy” sentiment into the prose? Saying it out loud, in front of your favorite people, might make you stick to your words even more!

Also, remember, you and your S.O. will be married from this day forward, so you’ll have plenty of occasions to get drunk together in the future (honeymoon being one of them?). Your wedding day doesn’t have to be one of them. After all, wedding night sex can go right out the window if one of you is too far gone to get the gown off… Just sayin'!