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How to Make Sure You and Your Partner Never Go to Bed Angry


How to Make Sure You and Your Partner Never Go to Bed Angry

It has been a few years since I was a bride and getting ready for my own wedding. But I can so clearly remember a piece of advice that I got from pretty much everyone - grandparents, aunts, in-laws, ALL the people. It was written down a few times, too, and I have the ‘happy marriage’ wisdom saved somewhere in a jar in my closet (if we’re being honest). When asked what their keys to a long, successful marriage were, my closest relatives, family and friends were quick to say “never go to bed angry.” It’s a great little soundbyte, too, and makes a lot of sense: no matter what the days bring, the conflicts and contentious conversations that might arise, if you can resolve them or at the very least table them for another day, and kiss and make up by bedtime, you’ll be golden. It’s not always what you’ll feel like doing, of course, but with CanvasChamp, the experts in best-quality, personalized photo products for the home, going to bed in a “better” place, can easily be done.

Hang in there, marriage isn’t always easy, but it’s pretty great

Yes, we love weddings, yes we love love, but we’ll be the first to say that relationships can be absolutely bananas sometimes. Fights happen, stress happens, good and bad news happens, high and low points happen (hello, entire year of 2020), but if you can ride it out with your ride or die by your side, you’re going to be just fine.

How to Make Sure You and Your Partner Never Go to Bed Angry

For CanvasChamp, a company whose vision is to “make the world a better place by helping people share their life’s joy," having some tangible reminders of your love up on the walls, on your bed, and throughout your house can get you through those tough days. Be it your engagement photos, your wedding photos, or your ‘just because’ photos, your cherished memories were and are life-changing; so, when they can be harnessed into canvas prints+visual art and hung up, sprawled out, displayed all over your home, they become even more beyond-powerful secret weapons.

Photos are so important+words are just as meaningful.

I have custom canvas prints up all over my house, and no matter how irritated, stressed out, or salty I might be feeling, I can usually come to a place of calm when I walk through the halls and peruse all the pretty that’s hanging up around me. I have canvases with photos of my babies as newborns, I have canvases of my favorite wedding day captures (first kisses with my husband, our cake-cutting ceremony, late night shots in the courtyard, just the two of us under twinkling lights and beneath the stars), and I have large-scale prints of our entire family of four as we are now. Every single one makes me smile and helps bring me back to a better place if I’m feeling particularly frustrated or totally over it.

How to Make Sure You and Your Partner Never Go to Bed Angry

Whether you’re celebrating your 5th, 10th, or 20th wedding anniversary, recently-married and just beginning to ease into your newlywed life, or newly embarking on your journey to the altar, you can fill your homestead with art that will forever bring the heart eyes 😍 and do it with CanvasChamp. Where you can happily pass on your best photos on canvas as heirlooms for generations (since you’ll probably tell your kids and grandkids one day about your best-kept-secret for staying happily ever after after all these years - the not going to bed angry thing, because it still tracks).

  1. A canvas in your living room makes it hard not to want to snuggle up next to your significant other, the other half of your photo magic, and either talk through the trouble or just spend time together.

  2. A canvas above your bed ensures you’ll never lay down without first looking at your roommate and forever sleepover party PIC and remembering just how much you love them.

  3. A canvas anywhere else, featuring a favorite photo of you and your favorite person and song lyrics that light your hearts on 🔥, brings you back to those stand out moments in your love story. Custom song lyrics on canvas can immediately change your mood and make you want to revel in some romance.

How to Make Sure You and Your Partner Never Go to Bed Angry

A forever partnership should feel this way, right?

“Exactly what I wanted. Extremely satisfied.” ~ William

More photos, less of a chance you’ll go to sleep angry

Now through November 30th, you can buy two canvas prints and get one FREE with the code “B2G1CANVAS” applied at checkout.


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We partnered with CanvasChamp to bring you a surefire way to ensure neither you nor your spouse will ever go to bed angry. As always, thanks for supporting our sponsors!

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