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How To Make A Wreath

how to make a wreath

To get you in the mood for this holiday season, Cloud Parade is here again to share with us how to make a wreath. So incredibly easy, that we for sure plan make our own wreath this weekend. If you missed any of  the other fun holiday diy projects -

How to make paper snowflakesPrint out your own holiday labelsPrintable holiday place cards A holiday wreath make lovely gifts, and will look great hanging anywhere in your house. Read on for exact directions, but first you will need a few things - hot glue gun, scissors, foam wreath and tree branches.

make your own wreath

1. Start by cutting the tree branches into small lengths.
2. Next, add hot glue to the end of a branch.
3. Stick the hot glue end of the branch into foam wreath.
4. Repeat all around the wreaths circle. To hide the foam wreath and make your wreath look more full layer the branches on top of each other. Your finished wreath will look great hanging on a wall or decorating a cake stand. Look at how great it looks around this beautiful cake from My Sweet And Saucey!

winter wedding cake