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How to: Host A Build Your Own Burger Bar


How to Host A Build Your Own Burger Bar

Bed Bath & Beyond sponsored this post, so we could show you how to host a build your burger bar. Since the Super Bowl is this Sunday, it only seemed fitting that we share with you something that all your friends can cheer about.

Keep reading, because we are going to share our food shopping list as well as all the items we used to set up our build your own burger bar catering table. So, you can add them to your wedding registry and host an event like this. Put your game face on and keep scrolling!

tasty fruit salad

how to set up a catering table

Items we used

Surprisingly a lot of items in your kitchen can be used for more than what they were intended for. For instance we used our cupcake / muffin tin to put our toppings in and our bread pan for our lettuce. Clever ... right? Below is a list of everything we used on our burger bar, so you can easily add them to your Bed Bath & Beyond wedding registry.

Olivia and Oliver serving dish
Olivia and Oliver bowl
Olivia & Oliver flatware set in black satin
Kate Spade New York Fair Harbor dinner plate in bittersweet
Oneida stainless steel mini tongs
Dailyware glass 37 piece just desserts & tasting set
Kate Spade New York all in good taste dot pitcher
Thirtystone Acacia wood trivet set
Wilton performance aluminum jumbo muffin pan
Le Crueset 1.5 qt Heritage loaf pan in white
Tabletops unlimited Denmark tools for Cooks Oven to Table 3 piece serving bowl set

how to build a pretty catering table how to build your own burger bar

beautiful fruit salad

This  Oliva and Oliver serving bowl is a fabulous item to add to your Bed Bath & Beyond wedding registry!

It can be used as a serving tray at one of your elegant events or as a fruit bowl at your build your own burger party.

Oliva and Oliver serving bowl

create a pretty catering table

Don't just bake bread in your bread pan! We used our Le Crueset 1.5 qt Heritage loaf pan to hold all the lettuce for our burger bar. You could also use it for macaroni salads, bbq beans or potato salad.

Le Crueset 1.5 qt Heritage loaf pan

healthy burger toppings healthy burger toppings

We used this aluminum 6-cavity jumbo muffin pan from Wilton to put our toppings in. Tomatoes, mushrooms, yellow bell peppers,  red bell peppers, onions and avocados.

To the right of the tray we placed tongs so guests could easily grab their favorite toppings.


We filled all the condiments up the night before hand in our  Dailyware glass 37 piece just desserts & tasting set. Having these small dishes are great for entertaining. Not only can use them for tasty deserts, but they also make fantastic condiment vessels.

Your guests know exactly what they are dipping their spoons into, we made this handy dandy FREE PRINTABLE with all the condiments we used. Secret Sauce, Ketchup, Relish, Mustard, Mayo, Aioli and of course BBQ sauce. Don't worry we also made a, "dirty label," so your guests don't have to double dip with the spoons.

condiment cards dirty condiment card

free printable condiment card

mini slider burger bun

french fry bar

Olivia & Oliver flatware set

Oven to Table nesting bowls from Tabletops Unlimited

These Oven to Table nesting bowls from Tabletops Unlimited are AWESOME! Place them in the oven, your freezer and in the dishwasher. A must have on on your  Bed Bath & Beyond wedding registry.

We prepped classic french fries, curly fries and onion rings ahead of time and placed them in our nesting serving bowls. We then covered them in foil and popped them in the over at 100 degrees to keep them warm. Once  guests arrived they were hot and crunchy. 

how to make a burger bar

how to set up your own burger bar

We partnered with Bed Bath & Beyond to create and design this shoot. Want to see more Bed Bath & Beyond secrets? Check out Secrets To Throwing A Glamorous Stress Free Dinner Party here or Wedding Registry Secrets Here.

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