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just smile its your wedding day!

I just like to smile, smiling is my favorite! Who doesn't enjoy a good laugh and this next wedding is about to have you grinning for ear to ear. Just the fun loving way that Casey and Colin approach their lives and especially their wedding day has us practically floating. Not sure you can relate? Just keep scrolling and see what we mean, if the adorable bridal party gifts don't get you, the gorgeous decor, the heartfelt description of the day from the bride or the newlyweds dance moves are sure to lift your spirits. 

Enjoy and don' t forget to check out all the images from Magdalena Studios in the full gallery, totally worth it, trust us! 

Watters wedding dress

flower accented white wedding shoesprewedding getting ready

cute bridal party wedding gift custom socks

From Magdalena Studios: Casey and her bridesmaids (plus one brides-man!) started the day off in matching tee's that said 'On Sundays, we stay in bed' and socks that were unique to each of them - Casey's socks said 'If you can read this, bring me my husband!' She dressed up beautifully in a Watters brand strapless gown, with a soft white-flowered lace covering its entirely. Her bouquet was a mix of flowers and succulents. Even her shoes had a matching flower petal on them - fitting as they got married at the Fairmount Park Horticulture Center!

One Size DOES NOT Fit All

From the Bride: My bridesmaid dresses were actually from an online company called Azazie. I picked them because they have a lot of colors and styles, but mainly because they are fairly inexpensive ($120-$160) while still being high quality, and you can get the dress made custom for your measurements for free (so you don't need to waste money on alterations). I've been in a few weddings, and the expense of buying a dress, shoes, and paying for alterations can be overwhelming (and all for a dress in a style that you hate!), so I wanted my ladies to have choices on the cheap, and Azazie was a great option.

strapless wedding dress from Watters

soft pink and purple bridesmaid dresses and bridesman in purple tie

royal blue suite for the groomsweet group photo op

happy wedding couple


From Magdalena Studios: Colin and friends shared laughs and toasts as they donned their navy suits and matching bow-tie. (Colin's socks were polka-dot if you were wondering!) 

Colin's face was priceless during their first look - we even caught him wiping away a tear at the sight of Casey in her wedding gown. The landscape for their ceremony could not have been more beautiful - the sky had scattered clouds to cast a bright light down on Casey and Colin as they stood in front of a magnificent fountain and surrounding greenery as their altar. 

Veiled Desaster

From the Bride: When my sister went to put my veil in, it had ripped almost completely through at the crown of my head. We have no idea how it happened. It was fine earlier in the morning, so we think maybe someone's hanger or zipper got hooked on it when it was hanging up in the hotel room. For our first look as a couple, I'm not wearing my veil and for a lot of our portraits my veil looks like a tuft growing out of my head because my sister tried to bunch it up fix it but didn't get it quite right. We eventually balled it up and pinned it enough that it looked ok once the ceremony rolled around. I honestly didn't even really register the whole thing! I was so nervous about reading my vows and thinking about all the months of planning that the veil didn't bother me at all. I was just happy that I wasn't passing out from excitement!

simple and sweet fountain side wedding ceremony

tearful wedding ceremony

reciting their wedding vowsyou may now kiss the bride

bride and groom wedding photo idea

From Magdalena Studios: Their was rounds of laughter as Casey and Colin danced their way into the reception, a white greenhouse filled with plants and bright pink and purple accents for table details and bouquets. By the end of the night, Casey's heels were off and the dancing was full fledge - a true celebration of love.

The most iconic moments from Casey and Colin's wedding day are of them on the dance floor. The pure joy and fun that is spread across their smiles, shown in the way they're swaying to the music, truly embodied the essence of their special day.

This Day Was A Beautiful Crash

From the Bride: I keep saying our wedding felt like a car crash, which sounds terrible but hear me out, because I don't mean it in a bad way at all! Everyone will tell you that your wedding goes by in a blink, but it's honestly something more than that. The whole thing is surreal and felt like an out-of-body experience to me. I had thought about, planned, and anticipated each moment of our wedding weekend. And then it's all suddenly happening and it doesn't feel real. It's slow-motion and incredibly fast at the same time. You remember weird little moments and yet somehow miss big moments that other people remember. It's intense, it doesn't stop. It's unlike anything I had ever experienced. Like a car crash. Unlike a car crash, however, you are surrounded by so much love and joy and support. You are filled with every beautiful emotion you could imagine simultaneously. And it's wonderful and overwhelming. Everyone will tell you to enjoy every minute and try to be present in the moment. I couldn't do that. I just had to go along for the ride, crash and all. 

farm table chic family style wedding decor in a giant greenhouse

hanging candle ornament decor

fuchsia and purple wedding floral centerpieces  tropical greenery greenhousewedding winewedding place setting

gold and white wedding reception in a giant greenhouseflower box style wedding centerpiece

Budget breakdown
Planned Budget: We didn't really have a planned budget. We just tried to get the best vendor at the best price for every service we needed. The one non-negotiable was our venue, where you have to use their caterer, and there is no wiggle room on price (and the price was definitely steep at $250 a head).

Actual Budget: $125,000

Number of Guests: 200 (we both have big families!)

wooden wedding guestbook

signature drinks wedding signwedding couple cutting the wedding cake

caramel drizzle wedding cake topped with flowers

sweet first dance

sweet dance moves even sweeter dance moves

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