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How to Have an Exceptional At-Home Wedding


How to Arrange for an Exceptional At-home Wedding Event?

Are you planning to get hitched in this post-pandemic year 2021? Then it is highly likely that all your plans and visions have witnessed tumultuous changes owing to unforeseen circumstances. From reducing the guest count to rearranging the wedding timeline, you must have done a lot of alterations in your entire wedding plan.

Although the world is gradually opening up to a new beginning and vaccine distribution is almost around the corner, yet the future holds lots of uncertainties. And this is one of the biggest reasons that couples are preferring intimate gatherings over extravagant, plush wedding ceremonies.
It is quite difficult for many couples to bid adieu to their decade-long dream of getting married in a picturesque venue surrounded by their closed ones. Also, not everyone has a palatial home spread over acres of land. Also, there may be issues like uneven or unkempt yards.

However, at-home weddings can be quite an intimate affair, full of uniqueness and speciality. The guests who will be attending such marriages will be absolutely close to the couple. They bring meaningful gifts for the couple, which add value to the life of the newly-weds. Also, while exchanging favors, couples tend to share purposeful tokens of love with these close friends and relatives. Hence, at-home weddings can indeed be a great idea if you wish to create some cherishable memories for the whole of your life.

At-home weddings, if organized carefully with loads of love, things can turn out to be exceptionally wonderful.

If you wish to organize a spectacular yet intimate at-home wedding event, please read on!

Always hire premium wedding vendors

Even though you are organizing an at-home wedding event, you cannot undermine experienced and professional wedding vendors' significance. Keep in mind that a small and intimate wedding will require a whole lot of dazzle and pomp. Your guests never for once should feel that things would have been better in a wedding venue. Top-notch wedding vendors are highly professional and know how to get their jobs done. They pay attention to every touch-point, from seating, restrooms to refills and personalized wedding favors, and so on. Hence, never ever compromise upon the quality of wedding vendors you hire.

How to Arrange for an Exceptional At-home Wedding Event?

Make the most out of your home 

Do not leave behind any area of your home. Rather make the best out of your home by using all corners for some purpose or the other. Your wedding décor specialist should definitely take care of this. Converting one of your rooms into a bridal getting ready suite can indeed be a great idea. Also, you can try decorating your balcony or terrace with some drapes, add some fresh flowers, and maybe a mimosa bar. The place will look exceedingly beautiful, where you can carry out your pre-ceremony photo shoots.

Bring forth the focal points of your property

Whether you have beautifully manicured gardens, a lavish pool area, or a grand foyer with a spiral staircase, a sprawling, lush green lawn, you can put to use any such focal point of your home. Feel free to experiment and use them as a dining or cocktail area or make room for a live band. Know that each focal point can offer something unique and special for your D-day.

How to Arrange for an Exceptional At-home Wedding Event?

Revamp your family furniture

Do you have a special table or any such furniture that you have got from your forefathers? You can use any such furniture at the ceremony area and give a more personalized touch to your at-home wedding. Simply use your glassware, family china, or candlesticks and turn it into a completely personalized experience. We cannot even emphasize enough how these simple things can add a more personal and intimate touch to your wedding event.

Don’t forget that personal touch

At-home weddings are smaller in size. They tend to be quite an intimate affair. Wedding favors can work wonders to incorporate that warm and personal touch into the wedding fervor. There are so many thoughtful yet cheap wedding party favors which you can use as a token of love. Your guests will always rejoice in your wedding party for the rest of their life. All you need to do is to touch the cords of their hearts with some heartfelt return gifts. Whenever they come across these gifts, they will always remember you with a warm and wide smile on their face. Heighten the level of experience: When you are all geared up for an at-home wedding, you will realize that you have a greater budget to splurge in specific elements on your wedding day. For instance, you can arrange for a whisky tasting experience post-dinner. Or you can even hire a live music band to make the ambience soulful and romantic.

How to Arrange for an Exceptional At-home Wedding Event?

Make a planned and stylish exit

At-home weddings often tend to lack that much-needed spark in the exit plans. Do not let this happen to your D-day celebrations. You have all the rights to relish a traditional send-off just like any other newly-weds. After all, you do not want to roam aimlessly across your home, trying to guess how you can wind up your most special day.

Make the send-off look as grand as you want it to be. Do not hesitate to splurge on sparklers, confetti cannons, fireworks- anything you feel like. Such an “end” always keeps your wedding fun-filled and memorable.

At-home weddings can always be a close and intimate affair. After years, when you will reminisce about your wedding fervor, a smile will slowly crawl on your lips and ignite a warmth in your heart.

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