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How To Have An Engagement Shoot Without Ever Leaving Home!


How to have an engagement shoot without ever leaving home

I'm not really one for planning and getting my photo taken. I would much rather be the one behind the camera but if I am going to be the subject I would much prefer to have something to do with my hand ( I never seem to know what to do with my hands) and to stick to places I have a comfort and fondness for. Home is one of the big places I love, the kitchen to be exact, and I'm not alone. Prudence and Mark this next couple had their engagement photos taken while preparing a breakfast for two! 

So for all our homebodies out there, this engagement shoot is going to be right up your alley so keep scrolling to see how this sweet little Saturday shoot went and don't forget to check out the full gallery for even more adorable candid shots. Oh and did I mention recipes? There are recipes below too!

meet Mark and Prudence Stay home and still feel engaged

stay at home engagement shootvinyl records

breakfast for two

From Yinger Wong: Anyone will tell you it is all about location location location location when it comes to an engagement session, but equally I believe the story, sentiment and significance that makes up the couple are just as important, if not more. 

Like many couples, either they are uncomfortable with being in front of cameras, or they feel that they are not "photogenic." The best way I have found to overcome the fear of being in front of the camera is to listen to their story and to do what they love! Through our conversations, I discovered their passion for cooking; so we carefully selected a location with an open kitchen that bathed in natural light with plenty of character. I was so happy to see Prudence and Mark in their natural element, which allowed them to be themselves and we were rewarded with pancakes in the end!

making breakfast for your engagement shootpancakes for twocooking breakfast with a smilejust the two of us engagement shoot

engagement pancakes

having a little fun for your engagement shootengagement shoot at home

breakfast for two

Is anyone else starving now? I could eat a whole mountain of these tasty looking pancakes that Prudence and Mark made not to mention those cinnamon rolls! So just to make myself feel better (or to torture myself further, I'm not sure which) I found some amazing pancake and cinnamon roll recipes... who knows... maybe this will inspire a little breakfast dinner tonight. 

Pancakes to die for!

All-purpose flour | Granulated sugar | Baking powder | Baking soda | Salt | Eggs | Buttermilk | Salted butter, melted and cooled slightly | Clarified butter or high-heat vegetable oil, for cooking

Full the full recipe and all the drool worthy images click here

Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls -cuz it's Fall!

Cinnamon rolls: 

Pillsbury Crescent Recipe Creations  | Pumpkin butter | Brown sugar | Ground cinnamon

Cream cheese frosting: 

Cream cheese | Butter | Confectioner’s sugar | Vanilla extract | Milk 

You can find this delicious looking Fall inspired recipe in full right here!

how to have an engagement shoot without ever leaving home

cute engagement shoot ideasgetting cozy on the couch

playing a little piano for your engagement shoot

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