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How to Have A Star Wars Wedding... Yes There Will Be Lightsabers!

I don’t know if you have heard… but Star Wars The Last Jedi is hitting theaters at the end of this week!!! And if you are any kind of fan at all you have been anxiously waiting to see more powerful scenes between Rey and Kylo Ren… wanting to know what has happened to our friendly neighborhood clone, Finn… oh and we mustn’t forget about BB8, everyones favorite rolling droid!

Dec 15th seems like such a long time away (and in a galaxy far far away). So to fill this waiting time I decided the wedding world needed a round up of some of our very favorite Star Wars wedding elements. You know like lightsabers, cakes, couple styles, lightsabers, decor, gifts, music … oh and of course some lightsabers!

So here it is internet, this is how to have a Star Wars wedding... and yes there will be lightsabers!