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How To Have A Historic Dream Wedding


How To Have A Historic Dream Wedding

This next wedding inspiration is going Medieval!... okay actually it's pre-Medieval, the Byzantine Empire pre-dates the ten-century long period that we call the Medieval era. But you get the idea, this wedding is going historic. 

Keep scrolling to find what made this little art historian heart flutter. From the beautiful venue to the delightfully well thought out table decor, you can see all of this and even more in the full gallery of photos from Les Anagnou below. 

Ancient Byzantine wedding ideas

The Location

Τhis wedding editorial originates from a crisp, cloudy November morning in Athens, in the Nasioutzik Musem Estate. However, if you look closer, it almost seems that it doesn’t take place in Athens. It is set in a period so old, yet timeless, where everything was handmade, yet aristocratic, a period whose art was highly prestigious and sought-after in Western Europe. We are taking you to the Byzantine era. 

The table is set, perfectly aligned and just outside of the Meteora building, that has been constructed to resemble a monastery-castle. It was literally built around this magnificent wooden door and is located at the top of the hill, providing a phenomenal view of the entire Mesogaia region. 

ancient royalty inspired wedding table

yellow and blue table decorgolden pear wedding favor

wedding table decor with a Medieval style

blue yellow and orange wedding table decorregal Byzantine style table decor

wedding table with an ancient style

The Table

The color palette is intense and exuberant and the textures are rich and alive. Petrol blue velvet that covers the antique monastery wooden table, combined with old wooden chairs and luxurious tableware. All in abundance. The palette gets enriched by the mustard yellow ribbons that tie the light blue linen napkins, just as the girls used to tie their dresses so tight around their bodies. The flowers are dark red and yellow, in liaison with this autumnal scenery and the light breeze diffuses the smell of honey from the candles in the air. 

The Bridal Style

And there she comes. An empress, so elegant like a queen and so airy like a ghost. Again, the orange hair accents the light blue wedding dress, while pairing perfectly with the entire setting. Can you see her look when she takes a glance at him? Can you feel her heartbeat while she reads her vows to him? 

Bridal style with a historic vibe

soft blue wedding dresscascading floral decorwedding crown

medieval wedding stylewedding portrait ideawedding bouquet in red and orangebridal style

an ancient art history style wedding ceremony

wedding with art history stylewedding portrait ideas

groom with regal blue blood style

The Food

The tastes are thick as well. Syrup running all over the era’s delicacies, mixed with the strong leather smell. This amazing set-up, with the orange-ish wall, the wooden table, the leather tags and the petrol blue cake made us stare in awe. 

The Details

We used leather to create an envelope to seal the nostalgic wedding invitation, as well as to create pouches for the barley. Oh yes, the barley, because that’s what they tossed to the newlyweds in the Byzantine years. Every single detail was curated, from the wooden and alabaster horses on the tablescape to the styling of the bride and her magnificent crown. As Nikos Kazantzakis once said, based on one of his favorite Byzantine mystics, "Since we cannot change reality, let us change the eyes which see reality”.

wedding invitation stationery with a historic watercolor vibeleather envelope for your wedding invitation

candle sticks for your wedding decorhistoric royal wedding style

wedding desserts

here come the newlywedsleather place cardsbright blue and gold cake tablewedding couple with royal style

Marbled blue and gold cake with floral accent

Get a closer look at this Byzantine Era themed wedding by watching the fabulous film created by Make Your Own Films below.

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