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How To Have a Creative and Colorful Brunch Wedding


Two brides and a brunch wedding

It’s a beautiful day for a brunch wedding, and that’s what this next shoot at Hubbard's Barn is all about. If you haven’t considered a brunch wedding before, then let us show you why this colorful, food-filled day is what you’ve always dreamed of.

First off, FOOD. Brunch is a delicious combo of breakfast and lunch, so your food options are endless. Second, you can have a waffle cake! Still not convinced? Then be sure to check out all the beautiful photos below from Zahra Zaman, and in the full gallery for more brunch ideas.

brunch wedding ideas

Spring wedding bouquet

Spring wedding bouquetSpring bridal look

Watercolor wedding paper

colorful brunch wedding

From Zahra Zaman: This colourful brunch shoot was inspired by the vibrant colours of citrus fruits. Since brunch is all about the food, we wanted to have a strong focus on that. And we came up with a creative wedding alternative instead of the common evening reception. The watercolours on the invitations match with the fun playful theme and the brunch menu really says it all as to why more people should consider having a brunch wedding!

Two brides brunch wedding

mrs. and mrs.two brides wedding inspiration

Two brides are better than one

Spring wedding tableBlush and gold place setting

spring table decor

Brunch wedding ideas

two brides, two looks

Our models, Allie and Sam from A&S social, matched that vibe perfectly. And since the shoot, have actually gotten engaged! We wanted each bride to have their own distinct style and that’s why the jewelry and dress for one was more classic and sleek, and the other one was more of a free-spirited, boho bride.

Waffle wedding cake for a brunch wedding

Brunch wedding spread

Brunch wedding food

have a brunch wedding

We wanted to do a non-traditional cake, one that would suit our brunch theme, and that’s why we chose the waffle cake for that. The idea of the shoot was for it to be fun and playful, and that’s exactly what we got with our bright, colourful flowers, and vintage-inspired table décor.

Brunch wedding menuBrunch wedding food

Waffle cake for a brunch wedding

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