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How to Handle Your Wedding Photos Getting Ruined

Couple Travels the World with Wedding Dress After Wedding Photos RuinedPhoto:

Good wedding photos are the lifeblood of many brides. And probably one of those wedding budget killers that couples can justify - after all, you’ll look at your album for years to come and (even more pressing for some) will need a good reserve of snapshots to use on social media every anniversary. But what happens if those pictures, that you paid for, and cherish sooo deeply, disappeared. I’m sorry, not disappeared, rather were destroyed by your photographer’s dog.

In a twisted version of the classic ‘my dog ate my homework’ tale, Ché and Warren Dyer (who married in 2013) learned that their wedding photos had been ruined, because their photographer’s dog scratched the disc containing all the files. Despite several attempts, on the photographer’s part, to recover the images - they were deemed ‘unsalvageable.’ Let’s let that sink in. Unsalvageable. Now, I’m being honest when I say that my wedding photos turned out meh (the photographer who I desperately wanted to shoot my wedding was unavailable on our date, so we had to go with a backup), BUT if we had ever been told that every memory of our special day was DUNZO, I think I’d lose my mind.

Couple Travels the World with Wedding Dress After Wedding Photos Are RuinedPhoto:

Ché and Warren were understandably upset by the situation, Ché a little more inconsolable than her hubby, but instead of letting the circumstances completely crush their souls, these two turned their sour grapes into the most delicious and worldly wine. What started as a joke, with Ché telling her man that she wanted to wear her wedding dress to a music festival, snowballed (snow-BALI’ed, actually) into an amazing adventure and a mission to have “the world’s most well-travelled, well-photographed wedding dress.”

Couple Travel the World With Wedding Dress After Wedding Photos Are Ruined

Since getting the bad news several years ago, the pair have traveled around the globe, collecting new wedding photos to replace their OG MIA album.

They have been to some of the most picturesque places: 11 countries in total, including Belgium, the French Alps, the Netherlands, Spain, Australia, Sweden, South Africa, India, Bali, Austria, and the U.K. And each of the photos is more stunning and sentimental than the next. New vibes, new tribes (in the people they’ve met along the way who have helped Ché get into her wedding gown and watched the magic of the photo shoots happen in front of them), something that the majority of couples will never experience.

We’d loveeee to see her dress in some of these gorgeous destination-I Do backdrops.

Couple Travels the World with Wedding Dress After Wedding Photos Are RuinedPhoto:

Now, we’re not saying that ruined photos are a good thing, by all means, but if you ever have to deal with a similar situation - know that you can overcome it and try to strategize a silver lining. For Ché and Warren, it’s been some of their best shots from all these places, blown up and hung on their walls at home. Jet-setting around the world isn’t doable for everyone - this dynamo duo seems to wanderlust and travel frequently for work - yoga retreats - etc. - but little things to celebrate your wedding day and every day together to follow are easy enough to accomplish. And a wedding is all about you, how you want to honor your relationship, what feels fitting for the two of you.

Remember the charitable couple who opted out of a traditional wedding for a mission trip to Africa?

What would you do if you lost your wedding photos?!?!! We want to know!


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