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How To Give A Memorable Wedding Gift


How To Give A Memorable Wedding Gift

Gift-giving for weddings can be tough. Sure, you can pick out something the couple has registered for, or give a healthy envelope of cash, but neither really stands out. On the other hand, the best wedding gifts tend to be items that elicit a feeling–either bringing the couple back to the feeling of their wedding day or helping a couple create happy memories as they build their lives together. Enter QuotebookQuotebook is an easy family journal of sorts that helps a couple or a family create a ritual around capturing the best, funniest, or most amusing things that get said in a relationship. It’s beautiful, high quality, and durable. We love the inner artwork which is all made from one continuous line that symbolizes how we are all connected. There’s even a message from the founder’s family to each Quotebook holder for an amazing personal touch, which really shows how much this product means to them. 

How To Give A Memorable Wedding Gift

Obviously, kids say the darndest things, but the magic of Quotebook starts well before kids. As the founder's story goes, “My wife and I know a little about marriage. We are high school sweethearts, have been married for 15 years and now have three children. Over all that time, we’ve written and kept countless notes to each other. we started a practice of writing down funny things we said to each other as a way to laugh more and celebrate our quirkiness. As we gained more “marriage experience” we realized that this process strengthened our relationship because when we experienced any difficult times, we would look back at our “quote book” and laugh together. The benefit was so strong that we started giving notebooks at weddings with a little note detailing the power of recording our fun memories. What we didn’t realize was how much this feeling would continue as we had kids and brought them into the process.” See the full Quotebook Story here

How To Give A Memorable Wedding Gift

Over COVID, the founders and their three children built the idea into an actual product, and the initial vision was to build it as a wedding gift. “We’ve consistently heard from people that Quotebook was the most thoughtful gift couples have received on their wedding days.” What we love about Quotebook is that it’s a high-quality product, with a classic design. So many keepsakes tend to be cheap or not worthy of display on a coffee table. This journal can be displayed out in the open and noticed. 

So how does it work? 

How To Give A Memorable Wedding Gift

You simply write down every funny, quirky, awe-inspiring, cute, or memorable quote that gets said by any member of the family. Each Quotebook can house 800 quotes–more than enough room to stand the test of time. To help remember to record, the founders suggest that owners leave their Quotebook out in a family room on a coffee table or other gathering space as a visual reminder. Then, the trick, and where the magic happens, is to create a regular review at a time or place that is meaningful. For the founders, they read from their Quotebook at bedtime with their kids, and the kids love hearing quotes from times before they were born. Everyone goes to bed in a good mood! The process of creating and recording memories together can not only strengthen a relationship but also connects couples to all the tiny events that make up a lifetime. Quotebook is available for purchase on their website and on Etsy, and the founders give 10% of their profits to help fight opioid addiction in the U.S.

We partnered with Quotebook to bring you this unique gift idea. As always, thanks for supporting our sponsors!

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