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How To Get The Best Wedding Hashtag Ever



So you are getting married... how's your punning game? "Pun-tastic"... "Needs Pun-provement"... "I get by with a little help from my Puns"... That last one is stretching it, but most people who don't spend their workday wracking their brain for pithy ways to describe things might feel a little flat when it comes to puns and the hashtags they create. If this is that case, tag Wedding Hashers in to do all of the wordplay wrestling when it comes to your wedding hashtag. Wait, who?...

The Wedding Hashers! 

They are a team of professionals who have been hashtaging weddings since 2016. These social media marketers and wedding industry veterans have created some downright inspired hashtags. Keep scrolling to see some of our favorites and to hear from Wedding Hasher couples! 

hasher1 hasher4

Jose Says

Wow!!! It’s so worth it! I really appreciate the fact that my fiancé and I will be having difficulty this time in choosing which hashtag to use! We'll just try to get married 10x to use all of the hashtags! Thank you very much to the whole team!!! They rock!!! I have a really big smile while reading each of the hashtags. 

hasher6 hasher3

Susan Says
My fiance and I absolutely LOVE these hashtags!! I really wanted one that was very clever and an impressive job with a play on words, and they 100% delivered on this with these. I could never come up with one that'd be as witty as theirs. It's hard to narrow down a few of their options because we like so many of them. Thanks again!

hasher7 hasher8

Why Hashtag Your Wedding?

In this modern day of social media and guests snapping photos and videos on their phones, the best way to gather all of your wedding day posts from the multiple corners of the internet is to tag them with a unique hashtag. So no matter your names The Wedding Hashers promise to deliver a tag you both will love and love sharing with all your wedding guests. Head on over to The Wedding Hashers website to get started on your #WeddingHashersJourney!


Follow our Instagram to see how we use wedding hashtags. The photo below captured by Paco and Betty.  

instagram post

Surprise! We even have free printable hashtag signs for your wedding. You simply need to insert your hashtag and voila you have yourself an instant hashtag sign. 

free hashtag sign

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