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How To Get A Bigger Diamond For Your Engagement Ring From Spence


Diamonds are the true essence of romance and love, and as you may very well know, they are not that rare! In fact N.W. Ayer & Son, the first advertising agency in the United States worked very hard to change the image of diamonds in America.

Regardless of their past, we can honestly say that we still want a big, beautiful sparkly diamond for our engagement ring. That being said, we are going to tell how you can get an engagement ring made just for you, with a bigger, better and more beautiful diamond. And when you buy this stunner, the engagement ring shopping experience will be like no other. Intrigued? Well ... this will happen when you shop at Spence Diamonds. Offering you a new way to shop for your engagement ring. Learn about an entirely new way of shopping for diamonds that's relaxed, engaging, informed and fun.

Spence Diamonds engagement rings.

The ring shown below is a split shank engagement ring from Spence Diamonds. Featuring a split band lined with delicate diamonds that gives extra focus and sparkle to the center stone. Set Style# 9369

split shank engagement from Spence Diamonds

how to get a bigger & Better diamond for your engagement ring

Instead of buying a diamond that was mined, Spence Diamonds offers Artisan Created Diamonds. Which are 'grown' in a laboratory in the USA exactly the same way that a diamond would grow naturally beneath the Earth's crust.

What are Artisan Created Diamonds?

Artisan Created Diamonds are made in a highly controlled environment. Plasma energy converts carbon to molecules, one by one, creating a new diamond over the course of weeks. The only difference between lab-grown and earth mined diamonds? Their origin. Making these diamonds ethically pristine, traceable over the entire duration of their existence and grown with minimal environmental impact. Secondly, as they offer exceptional value at any budget, you'll find that you can afford a BIGGER and more BEAUTIFUL Artisan Created Diamond than a traditionally mined diamond.

Don't worry, your diamonds are of the highest value. According to -Lab-grown diamonds are practically indistinguishable from mined diamonds.  

Affordable BIGGER and more BEAUTIFUL Artisan Created Diamonds.

While Spence Diamonds still offers traditional diamonds, their Artisan Created diamonds are an ethical alternative to mined stones. Artisan Created Diamonds are made without damaging the environment, and they’re actually equal to the top 2% of the world’s diamonds. In our opinion selecting an Artisan Diamond seems like a smart move.

Spence Diamonds Artisan Created Diamonds

why shopping at spence for your engagement ring will be different

While being proposed to is awesome, ring shopping is just as awesome! You are able to try on a bunch of pretty rings and figure out which one is your dream ring. However ... typically you walk in and someone has a bunch of keys on their wrist and you point to a ring and, they open the case, you try it on and then they close it. Then they put it back in the case and you proceed to go to another case and so on.

Spence Diamond store

Spence Diamond store

Well ... Spence Diamonds is a whole new ring shopping experience. You walk into one of their stores and are able try on rings at your own pace. Walk back to a ring that you liked and try it on over and over again. All of their showcases are open and available to you.

In fact you are able to try on any of their 2,500 rings as you please! No stress, no hassle. Making it an enjoyable and memorable experience. Bonus! You can see all the pricing. No need to inquire about prices. You will be fully informed. They offer a quick education piece on their Artisan Created Diamonds as well as the 4 C’s of diamonds, which makes buying and understanding diamonds a whole lot easier.

Offering you and your beloved an innovative, responsible, and refreshingly new way to buy your next diamond. Currently Spence Diamonds has 3 stores. One in the San Jose Santana Row, one at The Austin Domain and in Scottsdale Quarter.

unique engagement rings from Spence Diamonds

The ring shown above and below is a contoured wedding band. Meant to match the curvature of your engagement ring and makes an especially unique pair. Set Style# 9419

A custom engagement ring made just for you from Spence Diamonds

what happens after you pick out your ring at spence diamonds

custom engagement ring from Spence Diamonds

After you pick out your ring, one of Spence’s expert Diamond Consultants will assist you in customizing your dream piece.

Every Spence ring is designed and created with care, using the world’s highest quality diamonds. Your jewelry will be hand-crafted at their Diamond Studio, giving you a truly unique ring to match your one-of-a-kind love story. You'll be the only person ever to wear your engagement ring.

what spence diamonds offers


Spence Diamonds is here for you, through thick and thin. From the day you decide on a ring, Spence Diamonds is committed to making sure your love for it never fades. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your jewelry purchase from Spence, simply return it to a Spence location within 60 days of the date of purchase in its unaltered, original condition with the original sales receipt.

Spence Diamonds loss protection guarantee, where they’ll replace or remount your original diamond (0.18-3.0 carat mined and 0.18-4.0 carat Artisan Created diamond) if it chips, cracks or separates from your Spence ring mounting.

Your jewelry also includes loss protection guarantee, where they’ll replace or remount your original diamond (0.18-3.0 carat mined and 0.18-4.0 carat Artisan Created diamond) if it chips, cracks or separates from your Spence ring mounting. To qualify, simply visit Spence for an annual ring inspection. And, if at any time you want to trade up, your original center diamond can be fully credited towards a new piece of Spence jewelry. Spence is also happy to offer mounting style changes, cleaning and examination of claws, size adjustment. Amazing customer service. 

unique engagement ring from Spence Diamonds

halo engagement from Spence Diamonds

halo engagement from Spence Diamonds

We partnered with Spence Diamonds to share with you these unique, handcrafted engagement rings. All made in their design studio in Vancouver.

Before you click on over to Spence, we would recommend you follow @shopspence on IG. You are going to see a whole lot of engagement rings that you've never seen before. Why? Because they have the most engagement ring choices out there! 

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