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How To Find the Perfect Wedding Dress For Your Body Type


How To Find the Perfect Wedding Dress For Your Body Type

Finding a dress is an arduous task for all brides, including the simplest among us. For those of you not taking the custom-made route, it’s best to know what style of dress you’re looking for to better utilize the 60 minute appointments you’ll be making at bridal shops. Ani Hovhannisyan of ThroughTheVeil.NYC  who specializes in helping Brides find that perfect dress, shares with us tips and tricks on how to find the perfect dress for your body type.

wedding hair

To start, you need to know what cut and shape compliments your body type. You want to highlight your good features and hide the critical ones. Bringing a stylist who has an unbiased opinion and an expert eye will help you have a practical approach to the dress shopping experience. You want to look your absolute best on your big day, and you’re going to need honest opinions from someone who has no relation to you. Thus, you want to figure out what shape will compliment your body type the most. We’ve made a list to help you narrow down your options. Don’t forget to do your hair and makeup before trying on dresses – this way you can really get a good idea of what you’ll look like. We love the gorgeous wedding hair above by Ulyana Aster. So pretty! Keep reading to find out what is the perfect wedding dress for your body type

A line wedding dress

pear shape

We are told to hide our behinds, but I say if you have a beautiful curvy butt to show it off. If you have a small waist but big bottom and legs, try an A Line Princess dress – the nice fit on top will show off your small midsection, and what we call the “loose flare” will highlight your bottom but not make it obvious. It’s not as extreme as a Princess dress, but they share the same elements. Shop This Dress from David's Bridal tulle a-line plus size wedding dress with lace

pink princess ball gown

apple shape
For those of you with a larger midsection and not so many curves, it’s best to stick to a Princess cut, because the top cinches in while the bottom billows out, creating curves. Look for one with a slightly higher waist, that way you have extra room below it to move around. Shop this dress from Essence of Australia princess ball gown with sweetheart bodice

Kenneth Winston Trumpet Wedding Gown

hour glass shape
Congratulations, you can wear almost anything with this shape with the exception of a chiffon empire gown. That would make you look square – you want to highlight your curves. You also shouldn’t wear a princess gown because why hide your perfect shape when you can show it off with a mermaid, trumpet, column, or sheath? Mermaids and trumpets are my favorite for this category, as well as sheer overlays and half-open overlays. Shop this trumpet wedding gown embellished with Swarovski crystals  by Kenneth Winston.

Tra Keely wedding dress

tall and thin

If you’re tall and thin enough to wear a silk crepe, I say go for it. There is something so sexy and alluring about a simple off-white silk crepe slip – it’s a confident statement that’s simple in its approach. If you’re a risk taker, try a silk cape attached to the back that trails a few feet behind you. A veil likely won’t look right with this look, so you can switch it for a cape. Shop this Tara Keely ivory and lace crepe trumpet bridal gown from pearl bridal house here.


Don’t overcrowd or overwhelm your small frame – sheaths and trumpets are your best friends. Vertical patterns also help lengthen your body, and the highest of the high heels will help your posture. Shop this extra amazing in this Hanako lace wedding gown from Enzoani
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