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How To Create The Kitchen You Love



In the spirit of total transparency, I am not the cook in my household (although my one-year-old really digs my scrambled eggs - so that’s all the credit I’ll ever need). My husband holds it down in the kitchen, and I am SO beyond appreciative. We always say that I conceptualize and he executes, and it totally works for us, as a team. So, when we registered years ago for our wedding, we went into it on a mission to balance out my eye for a fashionable kitchen, with his eye for a functional one. And while we’re still figuring it all out, we’re well on our way to having a bitchin’ kitchen. It’s all about ‘crating’ the life you love, so we teamed up with Crate and Barrel to curate a pretty exhaustive list of the best things to have in your kitchen. Whether you’re both culinarily-inclined, one of you is more chef-y than the other, or you’re both a little more foodie-obsessed than foodie-finessed, you’ll have everything you need to keep up a kitchen that even some of your favorite epicurean idols would be salty over… 

Read on for 10 tips+things you NEED to have in your kitchen . Because even if you’re still working on your skills with a skillet or know-how with knives, you can fake it till you make it. We won’t tell if you won’t 😉 


table setting

If you’ve read even one of our wedding decor stories, you’ll understand how much we love a great tablescape. Tablescaping skills are kind of the cornerstone of expertly-curated dinner parties in our eyes. But, to each their own. You don’t even have to take out super fancy china to impress your guests, you just need to make that magical moment happen atop your table.

We love a standout monochromatic motif - like the above white-on-white-on-white plateware situation, with copper flatware that brings just the right metallic pop to the table paradigm. Flowers not included. Although fresh, punchy jewel tones are preferred!

Copper Flatware

Crate and Barrel Tablescape

Don’t forget, table linens and accessories turn things up, too. So, you won’t want to leave these guys off the list. We’re partial to matching white linen napkins, a simple striped table runner (#somethingblue is so on-point), and a salt and pepper set that sets a serious tone. Like this hexagonal black marble and warm acacia wood mixed media s+p server. The gold stainless steel spoon is great to dust peppercorns and coarse pink himalayan salt all over your dish (recipe for the most delicious portobello veggie hash below ). We’re OBSESSED. 
PS: Scroll way down the quick and easy recipe pictured below!


mushroom dish

#2 barware

Mixologist wedding registry essentials

Maybe it’s a weird quirk that I have, but I’m notorious for sampling a drink out somewhere - loving it - and wanting to create it at home, the following weekend… I actually just gifted one of my friends a sweet little summer crate packed with the essentials for making one of our favorite drinks for her 30th birthday this past weekend. Pineapples, limes, habanero and hibiscus syrup, agave, tequila….  I am sure that she would have also appreciated a few of the kitchen's mixologist essentials like ...

1.   Orb Copper Shaker
2.   Bola Double Old-Fashioned Glass. 14 oz.
3.   Copper Bar Spoon with Muddler
3.   Peak Extra-Large Ice Cube Tray
5.   Draper Coasters Set of Four 

Besa Fresa (Summer Cocktail Recipe)

It’s fun to test out your cocktail-making chops - especially for company! So, we suggest adding some bar cart basics to your registry that’ll stand the test of time. 

Can’t go wrong with coasters, a classy copper shaker, and some haute highball glasses. We even had our friends at C and B put together this delicious sip to go along with your picks… 

Besa Fresa (Summer Cocktail Recipe)

1oz. lemon juice
1 strawberry2 oz. Vodka3/4 St. Germain1/2 Cane Syrup


Muddle lemon juice and 1 strawberry. Add Vodka, Saint Germain, and cane syrup. Add ice and shake. Pour over fresh ice.

Crate and Barrel Bar Cart Essentials Crate and Barrel Bar Cart Essentials

Crate and Barrel Wedding Registry

Draper Coasters Set of Four

# 3 stemware  & cheeseplate Essentials

Crate and Barrel Cheese Board

Step up your cheese and win wins! If you can put together a couture-level charcuterie board, you’ll be the envy of all your engaged+just-married+together forever friends. We’re so serious. And it’s not hard to step up your meats and cheeses game, if you have an all-star cast of accoutrements to get you there.  

Crate and Barrel Wedding Registry

Crate and Barrel Wine Glasses

We’re champions of the classic cheese board setup. Paired with a game of who’s a bigger sommelier wannabe. On a scale of April Ludgate Dwyer to Xander Trufant where do you fall when it comes to your wine connoisseur wisdom. You probably have a Craig in the group, too, who can remind you of what goes with what. Red with steak, white with fish, and a nice rosé if you’re dining on something heavier, but don’t want something full-bodied ….

Trendy items to consider for the kitchen

#4 complete cookware set 

Crate and Barrel Ceramic Cookware

For just a second, remember that your college years are behind you and you can move past those days of grilled cheese and tomato soup with just a frying pan and one saucepan. You can still do that ((I liveeeee for a tomato soup and grilled cheese sammy nights)), but why not do it with a full set of awesome pots and pans? Adulthood is great!!

what pans to add to your wedding registry what pans to add to your wedding registry

We love a modern set of ceramic cookware - because the look is so clean and crisp - a little something different from the traditional metallic. These hard-anodized fry pans are 👌 for sautéing and frying, and they’re coated with Thermolon Minerals, which promotes healthy cooking and easy-peasy cleanup. The stainless steel handles are oven-safe, and the coating doesn’t blister or peel, so you can keep these babies cookin’ on the stove and in the range for a long time. Use the large pot to boil precisely al dente pasta, the more petite pans to simmer up some zesty sauces, and the large fryers to prep weekend brunch. Frittatas, pancakes, french toast and/or soft scrambles, whatever bites you’re craving will be done to perfection.

#5 air fryer

Crate and Barrel Air Fryer Toaster Oven

Keep your fry deliciously dry!  Right now, I’m feeling ridiculously jealous of my sister. Once her bridal shower is over in July, she’ll be the 🤗 new owner of an air fryer, and I’ve wanted one for SO long. I haven’t seen an air fryer toaster oven before, but this one is a true jack of all trades. Featuring a built-in air fryer, not only will you and your partner be curbing the calories on all of your food, you’ll also be ensuring a much crispier cook on everything that broils, bakes, toasts and warms within. So, whether that’s chicken, wings, shrimp or french #6 fries, you can get away with just a tiny bit of oil. Not even kidding, a 4-lb chicken only requires a teaspoon of oil for a moist and crunchy mouthfeel. Hungry yet?!?!!! 

Want to make what we made? It's a marinated portobello with cauliflower hash and it's super simple and quick in the air fryer toaster oven. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.\

marinated portobello recipe

1 cup honey
2/3 cup soy sauce
1 garlic clove, grated
1 inch piece of fresh garlic grated 

Blend all marinade ingredients and pour over p
ortobello mushrooms. 

Chop cauliflower, red bell pepper, red onion
Add thyme, garlic cloves, sea salt and olive oil
Roast in air fryer for 7 min, set aside

Take mushrooms out of marinade and roast for 7 min.
Serve over cauliflower hash and enjoy!

Crate and Barrel Wedding Registry

#5 knife block set

what knives to add to your wedding registry

Say buhybe to the knife block (as you know it)! This is definitely one of those things that appeals to the creative coveteur in me. While every couple needs a good set of knives for their kitchen, they’re probably over the old standby knife block. Magnetic knife holders are major, but they’re also kind of scary. One mistake and the blades are falling - it could be an accident waiting to happen. That’s why we’re ALL for a knife block set that can show off the goods in all their glory, while also being protected.  

Crate and Barrel Magnetic Knife Holder

View-through magnetic paneling and a striking zebra wood block and handles makes this contemporary cutlery collection all the more sophisticated and conversational. The knife blades are fully-forged German stainless steel with an 18-degree angle and West African wood handles that will develop a rich patina over time. Everything in the block stands upright and is displayed clearly behind acrylic panels - and there is really a knife for every need. Pretty sexy, right? This is the type of thing that can really work for a couple on the hunt for form and function in the kitchen.

#6 Kitchen Aid Mixer

White Kitchen Aid Mixer

Nix the thought that mixers are only for baking! I’ll admit, I wanted my KitchenAid because I had grandiose plans of pastry chef confectioning (and I wanted to do it in my gorgeous cast iron stand mixer) - I really wasn’t thinking about the non-baking uses of this registry requisite. That being said, we’ve used ours for so many things beyond the batter, because it's THAT versatile. 

Kitchen Aid Mixer

how to make homemade whipped cream and berries

Even if you and boo aren’t the baking type, it’s OK. You’ll still need to add this to your registry, for a rainy day. Like when you’re dying for a berry parfait topped with something other than Reddi-wip or want the most satisfying homemade whipped cream to add to your ice cream bar toppings. We’ll leave this with you. Just in case you had any doubts… 

1 Pint of heavy whipping cream
1/4  cup of powdered sugar
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

1. Pour of cream into Kitchen Aid
2. Whip on high
3. Add sugar and vanilla
4. Whip until firm
5. Serve with your favorite berries
6.  Dust with cocoa

how to make homemade whipped cream and strawberries how to make homemade whipped cream and berries recipe

Trendy items to consider for the kitchen

Make sure all of the ☝️find their way onto your kitchen registry. Whether you’re entertaining or just enjoying each other’s company, you’ll be ‘crating’ that life you love, one Whitewash Water Hyacinth Round Placemat at a time.

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instagram post

We partnered with Crate and Barrel to share these 10 killer kitchen essentials to keep on your wedding registry. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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