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How To Create an Elegant Disney's Frozen Wedding


Disney's Frozen wedding

Here at Wedding Chicks, we are totally honest about our love for Disney. One of our favorite movies, by far, is Disney's Frozen! The allure of the magic, the fact that true love prevails and of course all that wintry magic. Really ... what is not to love about this fairytale? Wanting to incorporate some of this wintery beauty into your day is completely natural.

While we are totally on board with flying your family out to a remote castle in Norway that resembles Arendelle, we definitely wouldn't argue if you wanted to wear a wedding gown in Disney's Frozen icy blue! It's true we would clap with delight if you told us that you wanted to arrive at your wedding in a sled pulled by a gleeful reindeer. However, as fabulous as all this sounds (seriously, can someone please do this?) we would more than understand if your better half might not agree.

If that is the case don't fret you can still incorporate a little of Elsa, Anna and Arendelle into your wedding. Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings is here to show you how to create an elegant Disney's Frozen Wedding that everyone will love. So, scroll down and enjoy, and if you just want to look at all the pretty pictures you can peruse the gallery here.

cascading orchid wedding bouquet

the flowers 

Disney's Frozen flower breakdown

As you will soon see flowers play a big part in setting the scene. They are the key element that will tie your day together, creating a cohesive look. As you will soon see all of the flowers listed are used throughout the centerpieces and wedding decor.

As far as what you are going to need to recreate something like this we can share that with you. These arrangements are quite intricate, so we would strongly suggest that you hire a professional. Having these flowers as a reference can be a big helping hand in helping your florist make your vision come true.

Basically you're going to need every single white gorgeous flower on the planet. White Orchids, Hydrangeas and of of course you are going to need some White Roses. 

cascading orchid wedding bouquet

Before we move on to the table decor details, let's take a moment to drink in all the beauty of this cascading Orchid wedding bouquet.

If you look closely each of the flowers are dotted with a single jewel, and the bottom Calla Lillies have sparkly silver painted stems. Talk about details!

cascading orchid wedding bouquet

disney's elsa inspired wedding dress

Elsa Wedding Gown

Surprise! We are not sure if you have seen the newest Elsa -inspired wedding dress from Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings. A sheer cape paired with a split front skirt and intricate snowflake inspired details throughout.  

Now, this is the dress to wear at your elegant Disney's Frozen Wedding! Chic, polished and simply beautiful.

Elsa Wedding Gown

the reception

Disney's Frozen wedding

We can imagine Vuelie from the Frozen soundtrack playing as you walk into this dreamy wedding reception. Each and every detail gives you all those glamorous wintery feels. From the snowflakes peeking out of the centerpieces to the custom acrylic menus meant to look like carved ice, and not to mention the frosted champagne and wine glasses. 

In case you would like a wedding reception like this, you are in luck. Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings can recreate something like this just for you. Who are we kidding? Of course you want something like this. Who wouldn't?

Disney's Frozen wedding

Disney's Frozen wedding

Acryllic wedding place card

Disney's Frozen wedding Acryllic wedding menu

Dazzling right? Every couple deserves to dream, wish and believe! So, we did a little investigating and found some similar items, in hopes that you can incorporate a little of Disney's Frozen magic into your special day. Study, shop and pin away!

Frosted Wine Glasses |   Orrefors Pearl Dessert Plates |   Iittala Kastehelmi Charger Plate |   Chevron Votive Candle Holders |   White Buffet Napkin Set |   Aston 20-Piece Flatware Set |   Flameless LED Pillar Candle |   Clear Glass Hurricane Candle Holder |   Labra Taper Candle Holder 

Disney's Frozen inspired wedding ideas

sweetheart table

wintry white sweetheart table

Of course your Disney's Frozen wedding must have a snowy white sweetheart table! With a dramatic floral arch behind you and a waterfall of cascading florals in front of you. We can already see you and your love sitting up their basking in the joy of your wedding day. Simply stunning. 

wintry white sweetheart table

wintry white sweetheart table

diy winter manzanita tree

manzanita tree diy

You may have noticed the enchanting Manzanita trees surrounding the sweetheart table. Well ... we are going to show you how to make a Disney's Frozen inspired manzanita tree.

Manzanita Branches 
White Spray Paint we like White Pearl Glitter Spray 
Plywood Boards 
Long Screws   

Step 1. Grab your boards and trees. Find the center of each piece and mark it with a pencil or marker. 

Step 2. Pre-drill holes in each board and in the bottom of the trees (learn how to make a pilot hole   here) Then, with a helping hand, screw the board to the bottom of the tree. Feel free to add more screws as needed to make it secure. 

Step 3. In a well ventilated area, spray paint your standing trees! You may need more than one coat for full coverage. 

Step 4. Decorate! Try adding glitter and/or metallic paints for a more glamorous look and feel. You can also add a little bit of sparkle with a few hanging crystals. 

Disney's Frozen inspired manzanita tree.

nighttime disney's frozen wedding

Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings

Before we leave you, we have to show you what your Disney's Frozen wedding will look like as the sunsets. You will dance the night away to Winter's Waltz and know that you just had the most magical wedding ever. For more Disney wedding inspiration and to learn how Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings can plan something like this for you, visit here.

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