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How To Build The Perfect Cheese Board


Cheese Board

How delicious does our cheese board look? An edible piece of art that is the perfect start or finish to any gathering. Creating a masterpiece like this may look hard, but is actually quite easy. Thanks to Nathaniel of Contemporary Catering, we have exact instructions on how you too can wow your guests, and build the perfect cheese board in no time at all. In fact you can create your cheese board way before you even start preparing your main course.
Speaking of the main course, later today we will have some light and fancy recipes to share with you, along with how to put together a fresh and modern table setting from West Elm. So, be sure to swing back around later today to see what else Nathaniel has whipped up for us.

cheeses for a cheese board

Choosing your cheeseA typical cheese board usually has five kinds of cheeses with a variety of textures, tastes and appearances. You can plan your cheese board around countries or around different milks - goat, cow or sheep. You could even have a seasonal board like a summer board with light cheeses. The options are really endless, but today we have created a well balanced cheese board, that is a lovely choice for any occasion with the following cheeses that can be found at most grocery stores.
Quadrello di Bufala - it is supple, creamy and coating, with plentiful salt and a vigorous tang.
Murray's Cheese - La Tur - From the great wine region of Piemonte comes La Tur: a dense, creamy blend of pasteurized cow, goat and sheep milk, with a earthy and full flavor.
Cabot Clothbound Cheddar - English-style cheddar with the sweet caramel and milky flavor. Flavor profile is at once sweet, savory, nutty, and tangy.
St. Agur Blue - a blue cheese made from pasteurized cow's milk ,it is easily spreadable and melts well. It is not as salty as a traditional blue cheese, but is rich and buttery with a subtle spicy taste.
Manchengo El Trigal - A natural cheese that is aged over one year. Made from pasteurized sheep's milk, Manchego has a slightly sweet, mellow flavor

Choosing a spreadMembrillo Casero Quince Paste - practically the national snack of Spain when paired with Manchego cheese or an aged sheep milk cheese. Slice this delicious treat into pieces, and either place it on a piece of bread or directly on a wedge of cheese for a tasty treat.

cheese board

Quadrello di Bufala

west elm cheese plate

As far as supplies you are only going to need a few items for your cheese board. An actual board like the Raw Wood Board above and something to slice the cheese. We love the gold cheese knife set also from West Elm. After you have your supplies and have selected your cheeses you are ready to build the perfect cheese board.

1. Cheeses are often best served at room temperature. To achieve this, take your cheeses out of the refrigerator an hour before serving. Harder cheeses like Parmesan may take a bit longer to arrive at room temperature. Leave everything in their wrappers to prevent them from drying out, and remove them just before you serve.

2. Once you are ready to start arranging, be sure to place the harder cheeses at the end of your board. Your harder cheeses are difficult to cut, you can place your smaller cheeses in the middle and softer spreadable cheese around them. Be sure there is enough space in between them so the cheeses do not intermingle.

3. Choose accompaniments for your cheese board. Typically crackers or bread are served, but we like the idea of walnuts, figs, fresh berries, and a local honey. You can use your accompaniments to separate the cheeses.

ideas for a cheeseboard

Now you are well equipped and ready to create your own cheese board masterpiece. Bon appetit! Remember to stay tuned for more tasty recipes and table decor from West Elm.

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