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How Rain On Your Wedding Is Magic NOT A Mood Killer

How Rain On Your Wedding Is Magic NOT A Mood Killer

Rainy days are pretty polarizing; either you absolutely love them or you dislike everything about them. So for those of you that fall in the latter group, this post is for you. We want to show you that rain on your wedding day, though unplanned might just be that added magical bonus you weren’t expecting. We know we probably won’t convince you to join the rainy day lovers of the other side, but we hope we can help you stress less about a part of your big day that you truly have no control over.

So if you are up for a new perspective join us on this tour of some of our very favorite Rainy Day wedding moments from over the years. 

Point 1: Umbrellas are cute!

wedding couple in the rain with an umbrella

rainy day floral decor looks greatwedding floral arch in the rainwedding party in the rain with umbrellas

Umbrellas are cute... and they come in so many great sizes and colors, what a perfect excuse to pop a few open for some really fun wedding photos. Plus if you are planning an outdoor ceremony, a little rain keeps your flowers looking fabulous for longer!

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Photos: Sargeant Creative

Point 2: Its An Excuse To Get Cozy

rainy day wedding portrait of a couple getting cozy

wedding party in cozy shawls under an umbrella in the rain

here comes the bride in the rainsweet rainy day wedding kiss

clear tented wedding reception so you can still see the rain

It's your wedding day and there's a bit of a nip out, so throw on a shall, wrap up in a blanket, or just cozy up to your newly "I do"-ed honey! Rain is one of those forces that will always make people want to slow down, take a breath, and enjoy the place they are in... can you think of a better mindset to have on this momentous day?

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Photos: Andrew Jade Photography

Point 3: Um... Rainbows!

wedding couple saying I do in the rain

cute ring bearer watching the rainrainbows on wedding days are the best

wedding ceremony under umbrellassweet rainy day wedding vows

Oh, you know you like rainbows! It's just a fact that the sight of rainbows bring joy. So imagine the kind of joy you and your guests will get out of a wedding crashing rainbow! But first, you have to endure the rain.

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Photo: Weddings by Scott and Dana

Point 4: Metaphorically Speaking...

rainy day wedding ceremony

mercury glass wedding aisle floral decorwedding welcome signbridesmaids in soft blue with white bouquets

It's hard to overlook the metaphor that rainstorms wash things clean. The idea of your wedding day being a fresh new start on a brand new life is brought home beautifully with a light wash of raindrops. Plus... see how pretty these rain washed photos are!

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Photos: Peyton Curry

Point 5: Invite Your Inner Child Out To Play

wedding couple in the rain

rainy day wedding ceremoycute wedding kiss in the rain

bride and bridesmaid ready for the rainsweet candid wedding couple watching the rain

Remember stomping around in rainboots and jumping in puddles when it rained? This carefree side of you is still in there, and a little wedding day rain might be the invitation you were needing to let it out. We cannot get enough of how happy and excited this cute couple is to be saying "I do". We love that rainsoaked wedding kiss!

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Photos: Corrina Walker Photography

Point 6: Meditate on the sound

cute umbrella wedding photo

wedding ceremony at Fairmount Horticulture Center

candle lit wedding receptionwedding dance

There is a reason rain is a sound often used to help people calm their minds and meditate. The pitter-patter of raindrops on the world outside our windows tends to ground people in what is most important. Now imagine that same sound as a beautiful little symphony on the roof of your greenhouse wedding venue. 

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Photos: M2 Photography

Point 7: Moody Lighting For Free

wedding dance with moody rainy day lighting

ink drop inspired black and white wedding invitationsmodern and chic wedding table decor with a rustic twist

Just in case you are still not wanting to sit in the wet and the chill, there is still an added magical bonus to your wedding rain; Free moody lighting. There's nothing like a rainstorm that can give your venue (indoors or out) a unique atmosphere. Your candles will burn brighter and your whole day will feel just a tad more intimate. 

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Photos: OV Photography