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How do I make a wedding website?


Squarespace Wedding Website

It's time to build your wedding website. The golden question is, "How do I make a wedding website?" Great question! You can EASILY make a personalized, useful wedding website with  Squarespace

What may seem like an overwhelming task will actually be a breeze. Follow our easy how to build a wedding website guide below with Squarespace. After you read our wedding website tips, be sure to enter 'WEDDINGCHICKS' at checkout and you'll receive 10% off  your  first purchase once you are ready to get start with your wedding website. Now, keep reading to learn how to build your wedding website. 

step one choose a template

Squarespace website

Squarespace offers beautifully designed templates that make it easy to get started! Your first step is to choose a template, which is basically just a starting point for your website. Pick your template based on how close it is to your ideal website, but don’t worry about an exact match. Your pages, content, fonts and colors can all be changed later. Some of our favorite templates include: Alex, Anya and Charlotte.


custom wedding domain name from Squarespace

After you pick out the template you like, you are going to want to choose a domain name. A personalized domain name is between $20-$70 a year. There are a ton of different options to make your wedding website url fun and unique. If you plan on using this website after you get married for family updates, think about that when selecting your name. Go here to check out possible domain names.

Wedding Website Pro Tip - If you type in your last name with the word, "wedding" after it - it will give you the option of your last! How cool is that? Try and make your wedding website domain name as simple as possible. You're going to have a lot of relatives calling and asking what the url is. Avoid a lot of  hyphens, underscores and hard to spell urls.

Squarespace wedding website

step three gather your information
There are 4 major things you need to add to your wedding website. Of course, you can add as much information as you'd like, but here are a list of our Top 3 must-haves on a wedding website. Photo above captured by Meredith Bacon.

1. Wedding Location & Time - List the location addresses and start times of your wedding/reception. Squarespace has a Google Maps option that your guests can easily click to navigate to your event. 

Wedding Website Pro Tip - If your wedding has separate events such as a welcome dinner, farewell brunch, then we suggest making a separate page on the navigation bar for wedding events.

Zola Wedding Regsitry

2. Link to Your Registry - You’ll want to add a link to where you’re registered on your wedding website. Squarespace recently teamed up with Zola, an all-in-one wedding registry. With Zola you can ask for gifts, experiences and funds, all in one place. To add a Zola block to your Squarespace site follow these instructions.

3. Add an RSVP form - Although you may have sent out traditional RSVP cards, having two places for your guests to let you know if they are attending will be most helpful.

Squarespace has a customizable form where you collect guests' name and email and ask whether they're coming and/or bringing a plus one. You can even add a song suggestion box.

There are many other options you can add to your wedding website, such as your love story, your bridal party and so on. The possibilities are endless with Squarespace. Click here to get started

Squarespace wedding website Squarespace wedding website

Be sure to enter 'WEDDINGCHICKS' at checkout and you'll receive  10% off  your  first purchase with Squarespace. Photo above captured by  Lauren Cowart.

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