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Honeymoon Hot Spot - One & Only Reethi Rah

One&Only Reethi Rah, Maldives

You want to take the trip of a lifetime for your honeymoon! So, where do you go that you can really get your wanderlust on? A place that you can really enjoy each other to the fullest and basically have an out of body experience. Well.. of course there are a ton of of honeymoon options, so which do you choose? 

Well ... Wedding Chicks is going to break down for you in our new Honeymoon Hot Spot segment - where we will be featuring everything from the Maldives to obscure secluded tree houses. Showing you where and how much your dream honeymoon will cost you. 

Let's get started with The One&Only One Rah, Maldives. An exclusive oasis of serenity of beauty. Surrounded by the wonders of the Indian Ocean, One&Only Reethi Rah makes its home on one of the largest islands in North Malé Atoll. A jewel among a string of coral atolls, lagoons and white sands, it is about 430 miles southwest of Sri Lanka.

snorkel at One&Only One Rah, Maldives

While there you are going to lay on the beach, ride your bike around on their white sandy, do some yoga, and have a spa treatment. Yes ... sounds amazing. With over 2,000 species of fish found amidst incredible coral reefs, One&Only Reethi Rah is a diver's paradise. Hence the cutie snorkeling above. Love her suit by the way. 

Of course your going to drink coconut water, lay on the beach again and just relax, recharge and take in all the awesomeness.

One&Only One Rah, Maldives

This is not an all inclusive resort, but there are six restaurants on the property: Reethi Restaurant which apparently has an unbelievable breakfast buffet. Bonus! It seems that breakfast is included in some of their packages. Try and get one of those. 

They also have a Tapasake over-water Japanese restaurant with outdoor teppanyaki bar. The Rah Bar, which has fresh seafood, salads and tasty drinks and of course 24-hour room service. From perusing the menu it appears that most of the dishes are around $30 and can go up depending on what you order. Cocktails seem to be around $24. However, fresh fruit is provided so you can just eat that the whole time. 

One&Only One Rah, Maldives

The island is so big that you need to ride your bike everywhere. The resort provides bikes so you can get around. Basically you are going to eat fresh fruit and ride your bike. 

One&Only One Rah, Maldives

honeymoon hot spot One&Only One Rah, Maldives

The rooms are most impressive. From an exceptionally private suite to beach villas with pools.The rooms start at $1,960 a night and go up to $17,000. One&Only One Rah, Maldives has some fabulous packages as well for different dates.

You'll have to take a 45 minute speed boat ride  from Velana International Airport in order to get to the resort. From LAX tickets seem to range for about a thousand dollars and take about a day to get there.

honeymoon hot spot One&Only One Rah, Maldives

honeymoon budget breakdown

As we mentioned above, there are special offers you can book Below is our breakdown of the resort without selecting one of their special packages.

*Please note these prices are subject to change and we went with the most affordable options on their site currently.  If you opt for the ocean front villa and charter a private yacht the cost will be quite different. 

Airfare for 2 from LAX around - $2500
Some of the offers include complimentary half-board and shared boat transfers
4 consecutive nights in their most affordable room - $9,200
Food averages about $30 a dish - $360 (does not include gratuity) 
Cocktails are $24 each and if you have one a day for 4 days - $192 (does not include gratuity)
One&Only activities are about $105 and up  for 3 days - $630
Average total to have your honeymoon at the One&Only One Rah, Maldives -  $13,000 for 4 nights

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