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Holiday Shopping for Your Friend Who’s Getting Married


Gifts for the couple getting marriedGift :

I always think it’s funny when people write about ‘gift guides for the friend who’s getting married’ and the whole guide is either filled with meh spa+massage products and how-to-be-a-chill-bride 101 books for her or beer and/or sports stuff for him (okay, this is true across the board, but our reccos are WAY better). She’s the bride and she needs to ‘relax’ and stay “stress-free,” so obvi these are the best things for her!! And he must be dealing with her stress… so, transitively he has to relax and clear his head, too. Booze ‘em up!! In all honesty, it’s not bad rationale, it makes sense (for the men, absolutely), but the stuff that usually gets featured is beyondddd basic - like ad nauseam-level. So, we took it upon ourselves to create a holiday gift guide that’s much more dynamic, shoppable, and far less predictable.

Take a peek at the full 2018 gift guide here - for gifts for her, him, them and under $50.

They've got these in mind 

So, what does a freshly-engaged pair of people actually want or need for the holiday time? Let us illuminate!

Break that wedding registry frame of reference 

You are my sunshine neon wall lightGift:

Coming from someone who was engaged for two holiday seasons, it doesn’t always have to be a Cuisinart Christmas for someone who’s getting married. They’re inevitably going to have a wedding registry, where you can scoop up all of their most-needed nesting necessities, but for the holidays, consider getting them something design-y that they can use to deck out their home. Lights on the outside and a whole lotta shine on the inside! Lots of good stuff here! Like pretty planters and glam throw pillows, aromatic candles+diffusers and the coolest wall art.

Succulent planter with gold metallic paintingGift:

Personalize your purchase

Mrs. Personalized Floppy Hat for HoneymoonGift:

Let’s be honest, brides love being brides (even the anti-brides), so they’ll buy the bride stuff for themselves. They’ll get that Bride Beast Mode tank for the gym, they’ll buy as many ‘Does This Ring Make Me Look Engaged?’ mugs as they can fit in their coffee bar, they’ll even buy the obligatory bridesmaid/girl squad tees+bathing suits for their tribe. But - and we don’t exactly know why - they get kind of shy when it comes to buying things with their future last name, new initials, monogrammed anything on it. It’s not embarrassment, of course, maybe it’s just overall awkwardness and disbelief that they’re actually becoming a Mrs. #sonotsingleanymore. So, if you’ll be swapping gifts with any of your fiancéed-up friends, get them that monogrammed weekender for the bachelorette trip or that Mrs. Herman floppy hat for the honeymoon. They'll appreciate it!

These👇might just be our favorites of them all, especially for any of your soon-to-be-married friends who might have just moved into their first house. They’ll die over these tinted & metallic rocks glasses (his+hers, along with yours, mine, + ours ) and this custom illustrated home portrait address stamp. And you’ll probably get to see them in action, too… once you're invited over for some cocktails next summer or when that Save-the-Date or wedding invite finds its way into your mailbox. 

Personalized his and hers tinted and metallic cocktail glasses

Personalized home portrait address stampGift:

Mellow them both out

Crystal-infused aromatherapy spraysGift:

Yes, the two people getting married were stressed, are stressed, and will continue to be stressed until the day they say ‘I Do,’ but as a friend, it’s your job to help mellow them out. Mind, body, and spirit. That’s why our gift guide doesn’t just include accutely-acting all over body oils for her and bath salts for them both to enjoy, instead it features finds that are meant to cleanse the giftee’s entire being and lead to ‘happy wife, happy lifeness’ for the long haul! Our pick: crystal-infused, all-natural aromatherapy sprays to help a couple amplify their intentions during the moon cycles, clear negative energy and help them step into their power! A Sex Magic Enchantment Elixir? Your besties will be blown away! 🤯

And of course, if money is no matter this holiday season, and you want to go big for your bride and groom, consider getting them something they wouldn’t even think to put on their registry (or at least something that would land in a luxury registry). We’re obsessed with this retro espresso maker - 1) because it looks stunning in a kitchen and 2) it creates incredibly-delicious coffee and cafe-style drinks. They’re getting married AND they like coffee a latttttte, this gift is perfection!

Retro style espresso makerGift:

For gifters

We definitely think these picks are perfect for duos saying ‘I Do,’ but there are plenty of gifts that can work for the bride+groom to give their bridal party, parents, etc. and other trendy, mainstream presents that just impress, point blank.

For brands/vendors

Our guide is growing every day, so definitely reach out if you have something amazing that fits for her, him, them, or is price-point-specific (under $50).