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Heirloom Garden Wedding Ideas In Tuscany


vintage wedding dress from 95metriquadri @weddingchicks

Steeped in a history that dates back to 1200 AD, this gorgeous venue was the perfect backdrop for these heirloom garden wedding ideas in Tuscany.
Thought up and beautifully photographed by FunkyBird Wedding Photography, you can see every last awe inspiring detail when you visit the full gallery here.

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romantic wedding accessories @weddingchicks

white and red flower halo @weddingchicks

Historical Inspiration

For this shoot I tried to capture dreamy 'Wedding in Tuscany' inspired by vintage photos. One of the most beautiful parts of the year in Tuscany Italy is spring, where everything comes alive and all flowers start blossoming.

lovely lemonade stand @weddingchicks

raspberry lemonade sign @weddingchicks

Residenza San Leo wedding venue @weddingchicks

wedding lemoade favor @weddingchicks

Breath Taking Blooms

I really wanted to work with some strong red flowers and found these fabulous garden roses for the brides halo, and some burgundy scabiosa, my all time favourite flower Fritillaria Meleagris and delicate Helleborus.Are you wanting to repeat the beautiful centerpiece? Well guess what, we have the main ingredients for you right here!

red and gold bouquet @weddingchicks

garden sweetheart table @weddingchicks

watercolor menu @weddingchicks

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