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Heather and Tim's Engagement Story Complete with A Puppy Announcement

Engagement photos with dog

By no means is our engagement story traditionally romantic. It has however, become a great story to tell. My now husband and I had gone to purchase the ring together about a month before he ended up proposing. I sat around waiting for quite some time in anticipation not knowing exactly when he would finally pop the question. He had planned a surprise to take me to the Newport Seafood and Wine Festival, but the surprise was foiled when his friend accidentally let it slip. Now knowing that we would be going out of town for the weekend I had a good guess of what might also be happening. I frantically painted my finger nails before we left town just in case. 

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Not Traditionally Romantic

Friday night I had a horrible stomachache so by the time we made it to our hotel I just wanted to lay around. (Come to find out he was going to propose Friday night so I completely threw his plans off). He had to quickly regroup and come up with another plan. Saturday morning we woke up, were lazy for a bit and then finally decided we should get ready for the festival. I took a shower first since it takes me the longest to get ready. When I came out of the bathroom, towel wrapped around my head, there he was down on one knee. I think my first words were something to the effect of "Are we really doing this now?" Since I was fresh out of the shower and a towel on my head I wasn't exactly sure that he was being serious. Next thing I knew he held out a stuffed animal German Shepherd and said he got me a present but that I first had to answer a question. That's when he asked if I would marry him! I of course said yes and then freaked out because HE GOT ME A DOG!!!! 

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Tim is definitely not a man of many emotional words; however, he does know the way to my heart. Not only did I now get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend, but I also got the added bonus of a new family member. Tank wasn't born at the time he proposed to me so he put a locket around the stuffed animal's neck with pictures of Tank's parents in it. We of course had to include him in our engagement photos!

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