Hayley Paige Is Coming Out With Bridal Jewelry Next Year


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This is not a drill: Hayley Paige is adding jewelry designer to her resume, by teaming up with Hearts On Fire for a Spring 2019 bridal jewelry release. And as soon as we saw this news pop on Instagram, we were like waittt why are we even surprised?!!?!! This girl is made of sparkle, why wouldn’t she have a namesake jewelry collection that shines bright… like a diamond? Makes sense that it’s with Hearts On Fire, too, coming hot off the heels of HP’s recent Burning Man adventure #creativejuicesareboilingup 🔥🔥🔥.

Here’s what we know about the collab so far

According to the WWD, who first broke the story

  • Hearts On Fire by Hayley Paige Collection is set to debut in Spring 2019. We’d like to say it would be available for engagement season this Fall (through V-day), but a few extra months to wait isn’t the worst thing in the world.
  • The exclusive capsule will consist of diamond engagement rings and diamond bands, anchored by Hearts On Fire’s signature perfectly-cut diamonds and kissed with Hayley Paige’s whimsical and modern aesthetic.
  • And the rings aren’t just for brides-to-be. The diamond bands will play dual roles - perfect for a wedding day, but also a super appropriate complement to a former bride’s existing jewelry box.

  • Come Spring 2019, the collection will be available for purchase through Hearts On Fire retailers and the brand’s own e-commerce channels.

Hayley Paige for Hearts On Fire Collection Launch

Both parties - Paige and HOF - agree that it’ll be lit 🔥

"Collaborating with Hearts On Fire is not only an empowering and progressive brand and profit opportunity, it also enables us to deliver to a new millennial and, soon, genZ audience that demands a sense of inventiveness and conflict-free craftsmanship. This sparkling landscape is a visionary daydream-come-true for me." ~ Hayley Paige

"Today's brides are educating themselves and shopping for bridal jewelry online. Hayley Paige has an incredibly engaged digital following of brides-to-be as well as women who are inspired to one day wear her design. What really drew us to Hayley is not only her fantastic eye for design and authority in the bridal space, but also her unique way of connecting, authentically connecting, with millennial females. This partnership truly celebrates the emotional significance of the ring and the dress – key moments in the life of all brides." ~ Stephanie Evans Greene, VP Marketing, Hearts On Fire.

We don’t have much to muse about - since the contracts have only just been executed between HP and HOF - but we’ve put together a few hopes for the ring range, based on what we know and love about both brands. 

Hearts On Fire Diamond Engagement Rings In Size OrderPhoto Credit:


We loveeeee what Hayley has done over the years when it comes to reimagining a bride’s palette. From blush pink and sherbet shades, to soft lilacs, cornflower blues, and dreamy mints, we’re really hoping that Hayley’s penchant for plush pastels, iridescence, and glitter guising translates to rings with a lot of pop and magic.

Hayley Paige Blue Gown With Sleeves
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HP does whimsy wayyyyyy better than anyone else in her industry. If you’re not familiar with the mood, just take a peek at this. Should help. So, we’re🤞that her rings also come with a side [stone] of whimsy. Maybe even some with playful 3D floral details or scalloped bands.

Hearts On Fire Starbust Mixed Metals Ring
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Hayley understands how a bride should feel when she’s wearing her wedding gown. Somewhere between princess and unicorn, mermaid and warrior. And her dress is an extension of her personality. This is why we’re envisioning her ring collection to be full of spunk and sass, mixed with femininity and finesse. We’re hoping each ring has a story (just like her dresses) and a thoughtful name, along with a few modes of wear: stacked or worn solo, interchangeable settings, etc.

Hayley Paige Walking In NYC With Friends In Dresses
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Until 2019 comes around, let’s just look through some of HP and HOF’s best, and see if we can make some predictions.

Hearts On Fire Criss Cross Rings
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Hayley Paige Sparkle BodicePhoto Credit:

Hearts On Fire Hex Ring StackPhoto Credit:

Hayley Paige Ivory Floral Applied Gown Photo Credit:

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