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Hawaii Pop Up Wedding


white wedding shoes with bows @weddingchicks

Aside from the beautiful details, venue, and the delightful couple, the most unique part of this elopement is the story behind it! Chris and Clare were engaged for 5 years (after dating 5 years) and the thought of planning a huge, elaborate wedding was just too overwhelming.
Then they found Britt and Josh of the Pop Up Wedding Co. and the rest is beautiful history. Read more about their pop up wedding below and see more of their fun Hawaii pop up wedding details in the full gallery here, photographed by Reese & Renee.

beautiful lace wedding gown @weddingchicks

ranunculus wedding bouquet @weddingchicks

Pop Up Wedding!

We knew we didn’t want the big traditional wedding. We were so sick of people telling us what we ‘should’ do and what we ‘have’ to do on the day and we just kept thinking we don’t ‘have’ to do anything that doesn’t feel right for us and that is why we loved the Pop Up idea, it was quick, fun and the focus was all on us and our guests just having a good time

cute wedding seating area @weddingchicks

blush bridesmaid dress and floral crown @weddingchicks

beautiful water side wedding ceremony @weddingchicks

flower covered wood wedding arch @weddingchicks

Elope! But Where?

The decision to elope for us was a bit easier as we live in Australia but all our family are from Ireland and part of the reason we waited so long to get married was trying to pick where to do it! We didn’t want to go home as we knew it would turn into a massive wedding and Australia is just too far away for our family.

drinks table wedding ideas @weddingchicks

vintage drink station @weddingchicks

wedding food @weddingchicks

Decisions Made Easy

One of the things I loved most about Pop Up was they pretty much had a menu of amazing places to get married – they had picked the location, the day, the time so all the hard decisions were already made! We had always wanted to go to Hawaii and the dates were perfect for us. Plus what an amazing excuse to get your closest family and friends together for a big holiday with an amazing wedding thrown in!

wedding kiss on the beach @weddingchicks

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